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IT 240 Week 4 CheckPoint TCP_IP LAN Plan




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I chose answer C. based o of the fact the rst octet is 150
and this determines it to be a class B address making it and
then for seven subnets you would need 4 bits to include the seven subnets.
This leaves 4 bits in the third octet making it
I chose answer A. because the network ID is a class C
address making it a mask of Take 2 bits from the last octet
giving you a total of 4 subnets. This would give you 1 per 'oor in the
building. 63 addresses are remaining and this gives you a total of 61 hosts
per 'oor.
I chose answer A. Use Ping from the Unix workstation because the PING test
would be the most e/cient and simplest way to nd out if the server is still
online. If the PING test works then this means the server is connected to the
internet. If the PING test does not work the server could be down or not
I chose answer is B. because for 175 hosts you will need 8
bits of the address and utilizing the address space in the best way possible
would only use only 8 bits for the host leaving the remainder to add extra
subnets later on.

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