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IT 240 Week 5 Checkpoint Domain Name




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I did an internet search for the domain name free flu through and found out
that both and are available.
I chose .org because the Free Flu is described as a non-profit organization. Most
non-profit organizations are .org. Many organizations and companies that tend to deal
with some type of medicine fall into the .org category because it seems to give them some
credentials to their company and separates them from educational and military or
governmental sites.
Whois .Net has always been a good website to find out what domains are listed
for availability. Of course this is only my opinion. You can separate for .com all the way
to .un. On this site you can also see what domain is in use and who has it and what they
offer on their site. I believe a simple website would work for the advertisement for this
product. Based on the fact that Free Flu offers free services their will not be much
generated revenue so no need to have a website with all the bells and whistles. A cheap

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PC with high speed internet can be used as a web server with simple HTML built web

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