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IT 240 Week 6 Assignment Work Group Scenarios.




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Creating users for the sales organization for ACMExx.COM
To create the users for the sales department in the domain you must right click on
the domain, select option and then select a user. Let’s use Charles L Gee since he
is the Sales Manager for this department. After clicking the box to select a user, you would input
Charles (his first name) L (his middle initial), and Gee (his last name). For the “User Logon
Name” you only use the first initial, middle initial and last name without any spaces which
would be: CLGee. Click the next button to continue to the next screen.
Now enter a password of PW in (uppercase letters) and select the box that states your password
needs to be changed on the next login option. Then you would click the finish button.
The account has now been created for Charles L Gee. Now right click on the properties option.
Input information such as Charles telephone number, email address and web page URL if
applicable. Now click on the Organization tab and enter Charles as sales manager in the title and
Sales for the department and Acme for the company and then click the OK button.
The above process will be the same for everyone else in the sales department except for the titles
of each one of them need to be “Sales Rep” and Jill as a sales administrative assistant.

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