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MKT 571 - New Product Launch Marketing Plan






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MKT 571 - New Product Launch Marketing Plan
Innovation and quality describes the Canon Inc brand and its development of
professional products. “Canon’s HD camcorders, digital SLR cameras, precision
lenses, projectors, and professional printers deliver the advanced imaging
performance and capabilities that HDTV program producers, broadcasters, ad
agencies, filmmakers, and other digital content creators rely on for making
dynamic visual media” (Canon Film & Television, 2012)
Offering new camera concepts to fundamentally and continuously introduce
change in photography is key in aligning the Canon brand and image to be
synonymous with reliability, ease in functionality, and quality to the
professional consumer and establishing itself as the brand to beat in the digital
camera marketplace with its lens technology that can produce super sharp, high-
resolution pictures (“Red for still & motion.,” 2011). Canon’s brand dominance
and notable achievements separates them from other competitors, such as
Fujifilm and RED and with the current competition trend of HD production,
Canon will surpass expectations and cavort its dominance over the competition
with the long awaited Digital SLR EOS Renegade 3D (Renegade 3D). Canon
was first to begin the motion capture craze with their innovative introduction of
the seditious Canon EOS 5D Mark II back in 2008 and since then Canon has
surpassed the competition with a production development line of cinema EOS
model cameras that obtain similar, if not more advanced, digital stills and
motion capture as recently seen with the previous release of their EOS C300
digital cinema camera and its 4k concept DSLR which, both, are expected to
further revolutionize cinematic photography (“Red for still & motion.,” 2011).
Canon’s new production launch of the Digital SLR EOS Renegade 3D cameras
will transcend its viability within the entertainment industry and romance the
consumer with its breakthrough innovative advancement capability to shoot 2D
and 3D photography. This allows the user to shoot in picture or video capture
intervals between 2D and 3D mode and obtain picture and video evidence of
any target. To do this the camera has two buttons, conveniently adjustable on
either the left or right side for left or right handed users that automatically
switches from 2D to 3D for either picture or video. For example, the user can be
under 2D picture and 3D video capture simultaneously and have the option of

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setting any mode to the off position. Interval 2D/3D shooting mode allows
further flexibility; it’s possible to take two shots from different viewpoints
continuously while the photographer or filmmaker is moving to achieve 2D/3D
images or video of long-distance views (Fujifilm, 2009). Users can enjoy more
dynamic pictures and video in 2D/3D, whether they are capturing video of birds
from an airplane, or taking pictures of distant views from a car window
(Fujifilm, 2009). Adjustable in both live images on OLED while shooting and
recorded images; this simplicity-of-use lets users get creative when shooting in
2D or 3D (Fujifilm, 2009). In addition, it boasts such additional specifications
as a 26.9 megapixel sensor, 1080p HD video capabilities, high ISO sensitivity
range, 2.0x focal-length multiplier, 16 frames per second, hybrid-solar powered
inter-changeable battery for longer field use, etc. This is suited to match the
requirements of journalists and film-makers on the go who wish to obtain
photographic captures for online social media feeds and video for television and
movie development, a first for the industry and another innovative leap for
Canon Inc.
Product Positioning
Positioning the Renegade 3D effectively in both the domestic Japanese market
and the U.S. International markets will be performed by the marketing
department core team and creating an image for the Renegade 3D that emulates
Canons already credible and distinguished global notoriety. The goal will be to
market the Renegade 3D as a reliably built product that produces the highest
quality results with ease and influence our existing and potential consumer base.
Using clear, concise, and meaningful product positioning will help lower costs
by cutting through the relentless advertising and marketing noise of the
marketplace and our ultimate message about our product can be better heard,
accepted, and ultimately always on top of the consumers mind. To do this the
Renegade 3D product launch will incorporate 3 steps:
1. differentiate the product from the competition
2. address important customer buying criteria
3. articulate key product characteristics
Canon will need to connect with the target audience and contrast its brand
image and product strengths against the competition and their current product
offerings to maximize sustainability. This will allow Canon’s product offerings
to resonate with the target audience well into the future. A clear understanding
of how the target market makes its purchasing decisions, the competitions

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product positioning techniques, and understanding Canon’s own product offer
will key in obtaining the competitive advantage. Some positioning strategies
that Canon has decided to pursue for the Renegade 3D product launch will be:
1. Positioning the Renegade 3D against the current industry competition and
separating the product by implementing the newly developed “We stand alone”
slogan that will accompany the product launch in the U.S. market alone.
2. Highlighting the Renegade 3Ds attributes, specifically focusing on its
interval 2D/3D picture/video capture technology advancement
3. User focus on the Renegade 3Ds ease of use, specialized customization for
the individual user, extreme mobility, and lightweight shell.
4. Positioning in industry advertisements (online/offline):,,, Canon,,, Popular Photography magazine, Digital Photography
magazine, American Photo magazine, Professional Photographer magazine,
Shutterbug magazine
5. Positioning in Sales locations: choosing distribution channels close to the
target markets; such as events like the Consumer Electronic Show and the E3
convention for the initial launch. Also, offering a direct experience for the
professional consumer as well as generating “buzz” about the Renegade 3D
through media coverage of the event and after through the use of buzz-
marketing within select trade associations by offering direct marketing to the
consumer resulting in positive word-of-mouth publicity.
6. Positioning through pricing by increasing awareness to the quality results, the
revolutionary technology, ease in mobility, and use to the professional consumer
to overshadow qualms about the Renegade 3D’s price point.
After positioning the Renegade 3D, the core team will routinely assess the
positioning to adapt to marketplace changes and reevaluate the marketing
communication and distribution channels for optimal consumer equity.
Knowledge of Canons Renegade 3Ds United States target market is critical
because all subsequent marketing decisions will be based on satisfying the
needs of these consumers. Canon will implement a Market Segmentation
approach focused on the individualized nature of the consumer and how they

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