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Essay on Secularism or Pacifism


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Secularism or Pacifism
'Secularism', as the Chamber's Twentieth Century characterizes, signifies 'the conviction that the
state, ethics, training and so on ought to be autonomous of area'. It is something as pushed by
G.J. Holyoake (1817-1906) in his arrangement of social ethics. Actually "secularism" is a
Western idea which rose up out of the circumstances where the congregation and the State came
into impact on a few issues and matters.
After reading this article written by David P. Goldman who wrote under the assumed name of
"Spengler" who correlates the "secularism" and "pacifism”, it is found that Russian beliefs are
still under the control of Siegfried warrior replacing the idea of ‘sacrifice for God’. Their policies
motivate the self interests of people rather than focusing for the welfare of their generations.
They want to rule the nations and sacrifice for their own self interests rather than any foremost
Other European nations are facing problem due to their policies and attitude because they have
different faiths and difference in struggle for causes. Europe remain under the umbrella of
Christian faith that offers ‘sacrifice for God’ and motivate people to make struggle for causes
such as betterment for the humanity and this will not only benefit here but also after death as
God promises life after death’.
It is due to its interactions and believes that many nations, which were previously the part of
Russian federation, separated and become independent nations. Now on the map we can see that
The Soviet Union is which was a great empire once, is now a country and so may other
neighboring countries that are standing as independent nations. It still has influence on the
European Union that any nation which has to be the part of EU, need to fulfill its requirements
by sacrificing their self interests. Russian tries to make the relations with other European nations
and western countries in favor of public interests more than the religious interests.

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Americans on the other hand consider religion as the major force in U.S. politics, policy, identity,
and culture. It contours people's character, assistance form Americans' ideas about the world, and
influences the ways Americans respond to events beyond their borders. Due to these they fought
many wars across the world which includes the violence and blood sacrifice of many innocent
(soldiers and people).
Today Europeans focus more on their self interests that may lead to the betterment of their
nations and public welfare. They ignore the ideas of Americans of ruling the world that involves
violence and hurting other interests. They are rather more in favour of peaceful settlement
between conflicting nations which is good evidence of correlation between "secularism" and
"pacifism as described by Spengler.

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