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MKT 571 Segmentation and Target Marketing Marriott International






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MKT 571 Segmentation and Target Marketing Marriott
Segmentation and Target Market Paper
Marketing (MKT 571)
In the following paper, I would like to focus on Marriott International, Inc.,
a leading lodging company with over 3,100 lodging properties in the
United States and 66 other countries and territories (Marriott
International, Inc. Corporate Headquarters, 2008). My key task is to
discuss market segmentation, targeting and positioning strategies of the
company with the following brands: Marriott Hotels & Resorts and
Courtyard by Marriott in the same marketplace, Asia-Pacific.
As the fast expansion in economy of Asia-Pacific, the hospitality industry
has a bright perspective in this region. Especially in China, the
hospitality industry during the past 30 years is a prime example of how
the nation’s economy has also sharply developed.
In recent years many big hotel chains became aware that seizing the
market in Asia-Pacific is pretty important for their development. Marriott
International is one of them. Since 1989, Marriott International has
grown from one property in Asia-Pacific to over eighty properties. Over
the past 16 years, Marriott has expanded its resort portfolio to include 15
resorts across the region. And in China since 1989, Marriott has grown
from one property in Hong Kong to 32 hotels throughout the country
(Marriott International, Inc. Corporate Headquarters, 2008).
The hospitality industry today, customers don’t just need a place to stay
and eat; people choose a hotel for more complex reasons like the
location, hotel category and services provided. Given that the needs and
wants became more and more unique, the target marketing for hotels
became micromarketing. It is not only a local marketing for hotels to
adjust in different location and cultural, but also an individual marketing
for they provide tailored services to special guests and VIPs.

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For segmenting the consumer markets, we have to involve the
geographic segmentation and behavioral segmentation. Hotels normally
segment their markets between region and then by other means like
behavior. After analyzing the market opportunities, the company has to
evaluate the segment attractiveness and the company fit.
The market Asia-Pacific did develop but obviously not all the segments
are profitable. The main reason which make the industry increase could
be described as the Asia-Pacific became more and more western. The
hotel developing trends turns to the guest who demands the
international hotel, which has better service, higher theology of facilities
and delightful amenities. Add that many developing countries change
their policy to foreign investors to a better climate. The big hotel chains
have a good chance to develop their middle luxury market segments.
Since Marriott already entered the market over 16 years, there were
many resources used to develop it in these middle luxury segments.
As the hospitality marketing is micromarketing, and the Marriott hotel
group is a big chain, this company used differentiated marketing to
target the market segments. It has four different brands in Asia-Pacific:
The Marriott, JW Marriott, Renaissance and Courtyard. They target in
different segments: The Marriott is an all service hotel and resorts brand
for the achievement guest who are seeking inspiring performance. JW
Marriott Hotels and Resorts is Marriott Hotels and Resorts luxury brand
extension. The target gust also is achievement people but demand a
high level of personal service. Renaissance Hotels and Resorts target
the enjoyment guest. These guests cherish the life well lived which
means the Tech-savvy consumers like Gen X and Y. Courtyard is a
brand designed to meet the needs of business travelers who desired a
high quality lodging experience along with the basic needs they value
most in a hotel, at moderate pricing.
It is a flagship brand of quality tier, full service hotels and resorts and
provides consistent, dependable and genuinely caring experiences to
guest on their terms. The Marriott brand has become synonymous with
exceptional quality, service and value, which have lead to consistent
growth in Marriott properties through the Asia-Pacific region. As the
brand continues to expand worldwide, the strategy to achieve an even
greater brand preference is centered on the brand positioning of inspired
performance and the goal to win over achievement guests with

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experiences that reflect and respond to their priorities. By combining this
experience strategy with the brand’s unwavering commitment to
operational excellence, Marriott Hotels and Resorts will continue to
solidify its leadership position as an industry innovator.
When it comes to brand positioning, Marriott Hotels and Resorts focuses
on the Achievement Guest, individuals who are driven to perform who
thrive in excellence whether it is for their company, their family or their
own sense of accomplishments. There are three brand pillars that
provide the foundation for the services, features and amenities our
hotels provide to inspire the achievement guest. The professional,
performance driven side of our guest and hotels, for example, large, well
lit ergonomic work desks that pivot to enable the guest to create a
conducive environment in their rooms. Purposeful luxury and more
personal elements of the guest’s stay, for example, aromatherapy bath
products, connectivity panels on a high definition TV to enable guests to
connect personal entertainment devices such as iPods, and 200 thread
count sheets. The culture is warm, friendly, sincere service built on our
sprit to serve and providing a refreshing human touch in today’s hectic
After researching all of the aspects of the marketing segmentation,
targeting and positioning of the company, it is quite clear that this
company is fully aware of the marketing situation and is quite successful
at applying various marketing strategies and tools.

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