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Ajax is the major mining company of minerals in United States of America which is currently
operating at complete aptitude. Due to poor management of the company and in appropriate
decisions made in history indicated that company will face problems in future if some suitable
steps are not taken immediately. There is also the possibility that other companies might step
forward for being in competence with Ajax within net four years.
Change is difficult to accept as it involves uncertainty and it takes much time to cope with it out
but it brings many benefits with it. The organizations find it difficult to avoid change as it
promotes growth and new ideas for their members. In this case change is usually associated with
new enrollment of staff, new assignments, increase or decrease in funding, new goals, acquisition
of new technology and visions, and recruitment of new clients. Although new opportunities bring
new fruits but is also been criticized within the associated groups.
As discussed that Ajax Company is working on its full aptitude and no one is facing any kind of
threat currently. Hourly works and supervisors are being paid for their regular pay and also the
overtime that they work around the clock.
Ajax mining company resists changes due to discomfort with uncertainty and perceived negative
effect on interests. Previously both these factors of fear had negative effects on the company and
the workers. The company had made poor decisions in the past, representing to advance in their
own personal agendas that may conflict with others motivations like employees costs their jobs
and pay-cuts. As result the employees rather working for company’s betterment, feeling their
benefits being damaged and consider their self interests and resist change.

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Perrier is a well known, mineral water sailing brand around the world. The company was
originated back in 1898 through a local doctor named Louis Eugene Perrier when he bought a
mineral water source near Vergeze, France. The company faced many up’s and down’s for it
flourishment in the past in order to meet the business requirements. It grew steadily and in its
good in 2003 times it sold around 1.2 billion bottles which is half of the one normally consumed in
US. Regardless of making some progress and maintaining good profile of the brand, company is facing
some hard times for producing sparkling mineral water bottles.
History indicated that due to poor management of products lead to the downfall of the company and it
could not stand by own its own and was taken up by a well known food Company Nestle. Nestle found
Perrier as an attractive company for its business and imposed its own plans to help it out to stand again.
The company made the good productions under the shadow of Nestle but conflicts raised among the
workers. They were not getting the benefits as they were getting from Perrier when it was working
independently like profits with regular pay, social benefits, and extra holidays.
It is mentioned in the case study that relations between management and workers are not good and they
are resisting the changes that Nestle is being trying to impose in order to improve Perrier financial
situation. They are also trying to reduce the workers from Perrier for its betterment. Therefore workers are
finding it as the damage of their benefits therefore they are instead of supporting the betterment of the
company they are focusing on their self interests and resist the change. They also have a fear of being
excluded out of the company no matter which time. They are also uncertain about whether these changes
may bring about any benefits for them or not and if workers are not satisfied how the betterment of the
company could be sured in future.

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The relations between workers and management of Perrier were not so good in past. The workers
have their own union (CGT) and almost every worker joined this that is consistently a hurdle in
the way of improving the financial health of factory. The CEO Peter Brabeck-Letmathe of Nestle
coated that financial prosperity of the factory is endanger by CGT. But the head of CGT Jean-
Paul Franc at Perrier told totally different story, she believes that “Nestle cant do what ever it
likes” in regard of suspension of 15% of work force. She said the water and gas of this region not
belong to some specific group, it belongs to everyone.
In 2004 Danone launched a new product that as designed to directly competes with Perriers new
super bubbly brand. The management of Perrier place bottles of this product in cafeteria to tell
the employees that they were in head to head battle in niche in market. However this act brought
not very big change.
It was once claimed by the Perriers truck driver “We put these bottles and bummed them in front
of directors office, so he couldn’t get into his office”. When management put good behavior
with workers and if it is unable to make friendly and prosperous relations with workers unions,
these circumstances cannot be solved, not only in this organization but in all other around the
world. The government bodies should have check and balance of such type of problems in
factories and provide suitable measures to solve these problems. This will bring prosperity not
only for company but also for men power and ultimately for country’s.
In view of the resistance to the change in Ajax company by workers due to discomfort with
uncertainty and perceived negative effect on interests. Previously both these factors of fear had
negative effects on the company and the workers. The company had made poor decisions in the

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