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IT210 - Week 8 Object-Oriented Data and Processes




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Driving a vehicle
Open the door
Sit in the driver’s seat
Close the Door
Put on the seatbelt
Put key in ignition
Check area (mirrors)
Put the car in gear
Press down on the gas pedal
Think about this task in an object-oriented way, and identify the objects involved in the task.
1. Car has the following objects (door, ignition, seat-belt, mirror, gear, gas pedal}
2. Key
Identify how you can encapsulate the data and processes you identified into an object-oriented
With Car
Set Door.close = true
Set Seat-belt.on = true
Call Ignition
Call Mirror adjust
Call Gearngage
Call GasPedal
End With Car
The fundamental difference between an Object-Oriented design and a structured design is how
control is handled. In a structured approach, control is modeled separately from functions. A
good structured design has a single “smart” controller that performs only control functions and
many worker components that do the work. In an Object-Oriented design, control is partitioned
into each object (i.e., each component is designed to stand alone). This is a service-oriented
approach. To accomplish a given task, you have to go and get the services you need from
different service suppliers (i.e., objects).The structured approach is very efficient. Things get
done quickly and efficiently. While typically, the design is flexible enough to handle requirement
changes within a given system, the design is not well suited for reuse in a different domain. On

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the other hand, the Object-Oriented design is very flexible and can be easily reused – but it is
not as efficient. The structured design makes more since because it seems to be more efficient
and easier to understand. Although performing both structured and object-oriented analysis
provides a better design. One advantage of following this approach is that regardless of which
design you end up implementing, you can come up with a much better solution by looking at the
problem from both a structured approach and an object oriented approach. For example, by
doing structured analysis and design, you can find ways make an object oriented design more
efficient without sacrificing flexibility or reuse.

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