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Understanding your business:
 !"!#$"$!$
!!$! !!!""$%!!
& %  ! $ ' ! $ (! %  "
"'!!!""$) "!
 ! " $ "! !   " '! !
$'!! !$!)
Analysis of the Business:
*! +" $   $ !  !# % ! ' “SWOT”
! ')!, '!!"$!!
'!!""!! !$
"  " ! '$ !!) !  '!! ! # !! !
''! '' ",
'!"!“SWOT” !!!#!'$!)
Using “SWOT”:
 !!!!$#! #!''!"!
$!!!!!$! !%!!!$
''!"!%!!! !+" !

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IT VOCABName:___________Professor Name"IT VOCABSUnderstanding your business:This has always been very significant for businesses to know and understand how it fit in and interact with the surroundings, on both an internal views as offices, factories and shops environments and external views, how your businesses operate with the surroundings. By researching your environments will benefit you and your management team by giving you a position to develop a strategic short and long terms.Analysis of the Business:Most influenced way of doing the above tasks is, to perform a "SWOT" analysis of the companies. It's a common phrase that is used to abbreviate strength, weakness, opportunity and threat. Every term is a heading for a separate analysis of the business but they can be related as given below: "Strength provide a look to your businesses opportunity & weakness in your businesses can cause the rapid threat". It is important to know that the "SWOT" analysis is only based on information that are known by "you", and is seen as perhaps the more basic approaches of analysis of a business's positions but "SWOT" is still a great tool when looking for the rapid benefits.Using "SWOT":The recognition the strengths and weakness before tackling the opportunity and threat is the best method to reach the analysis, the more strength and opportunity, the best they can both be seen as a bigger influences for the success of your business. You need to be aware that the most ...
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