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Scientific Method Matrix

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Scientific Method Matrix
SOC/100 Version 2
University of Phoenix Material
Scientific Method Matrix
Research is a primary component of sociology. Valid and relevant sociological research is
dependent upon a commitment to applying the scientific method in a systematic and organized
way in order to ensure maximum objectivity and consistency in research. Complete the following
matrix based on a social problem of your choice. The matrix will serve as a guide for creating a
preliminary plan for the basic steps of the scientific method.
Scientific Method Matrix
Identify a
problem of
your choice.
Insurance companies that offer medical plans sheltered
by the Affordable Healthcare Act can limit the type of
medication that patience’s currently require. In some
cases, you will be required and subjected to a wide
variety of alternatives medications until you’re
limitations are lifted.
“Healthcare reform’s newly enrolled patiences will
suffer short term side effects until medication
limitations are lifted”

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Scientific Method Matrix
SOC/100 Version 2
A problem statement is
often written as a research
question. Limit the problem
statement to one sentence.
Example: Is going to
college worth the time and
“Obamacare” medication limitation cause
unnecessary exposure to potentially
irreversible health conditions impacting the
quality of care and life.
Are we compromising our current health
condition by enrolling in medical plans
sanctioned by AHA?
Evidence suggest that patients under medical
treatment prior to enrolling in coverage
produce by AHA, may be required to jump
hurdlers; severely compromising their already
vulnerable condition/s ,perhaps inducing long
term effects and/or death.
Operational definition
Develop operational
definitions for two abstract
concepts in the problem
statement that you believe
are measurable and subject
to change under different
conditions. Create the
operational definitions so
another researcher can
understand and assess
your definition of the
abstract concepts. Limit
your definitions to one
sentence each.
Example: For purposes of
this study, schooling is
defined as the number of
completed grade levels in
An operational denition is an explanation of an abstract
concept that is specic enough to allow a researcher to
assess the concept.
For the purpose of this study, “limitations” are
dened by the amount of potential alternative medications
that a single individual must take prior to being approved for
their requested treatment.
For the purpose of this research, “alternatives” will be
dened by the type of limited medications one may be
subjected to prior to approval of requested medication.

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Scientific Method Matrix
SOC/100 Version 2
public education
institutions. For purposes of
this study, pay off is defined
as an increase in income
Conduct a short literature
review of one peer-
reviewed article pertaining
to the chosen social
problem. Include an APA
citation of the article.
Rajul A. Patel, M. P. (2013, January 1st). Medicare Part D
Roulette: Potential Implications of Random
Assignment and Plan Restrictions. Ebsco host, pp.
Authors of “Medicare Part D Roulette:
Potential Implications of Random Assignment and
Plan Restrictions” have compiled of research
collaborations and statistical findings. The
prescription drug benefit on page E2 is directly
relating to our research hypothesis. Metadata consist
of quantitative and qualitative measured samples
represented within visual renderings. This is a
documented research that we will utilize for its
factual and statistical contents. Lastly, researcher will
find a complete definition within this article relating
to this research’s operation definitions.

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