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IT205 Bead Bar Consultant Activity W 5




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Consultant Activity
The Bead Bar Consultant Activity
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Axia College of University of Phoenix

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Consultant Activity
My recommendation for the Bead Bar Stores is a Distributed Enterprise DBMS with a
Relational model. My reason for the Distributed Enterprise DBMS is because of the systems
ability to handle large amounts of data easily while serving multiple company locations.
By using a Distributed system, the Enterprise DBMS can make sure that all Bead Bar
locations are updated on pricing, product updates, and other data. The Distributed system works
through the use of an independent copy of the original DBMS. (Axia, 2007) Different store
locations can perform sales transactions and make adjustments to inventory counts by using the
Distributed copy; then send the activity to the main database. The main DBMS can send
inventory price updates, new product descriptions and information, and other important data to
all store locations at one time. This synchronization ensures that all stores have the newest
information at their disposal.
Another good aspect of the Distributed DBMS is that the system is independent of other
companies and is able to stand alone if one of the systems within a store should fail to operate.
The Relational Model is very simple to use and flexible and makes day-to-day use in the
business much easier as the information stored into the system has a common relation. My
reason for choosing this model is the effectiveness in reducing the excessive amount of
unnecessary duplication of data. With the ability to share information from one store location to
another, the ease of use, and the definite reduction of human errors, the Distributed Enterprise
DBMS with the Relational Model will fulfill the needs of the Bead Bars located around the

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Consultant Activity
Axia College at University of Phoenix. (2007). Information Systems Technology. Retrieved
October 2, 2008, from Axia College, Week 5 reading, aXcess, IT205-Management of
Information Systems Course Web site.

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This is great! Exactly what I wanted.