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IT205 Bead Bar Consultant Activity W 7




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Consultant Activity
Bead Bar Consultant Activity
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Axia College of University of Phoenix

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Consultant Activity
The Bead Bar wishes to protect their system from interruption or unwanted downtime.
Causes for interruption could be the results of natural disasters or a terrorist attack that would
destroy company locations; viruses and hackers could attack the entire network system; or risks
resulting from the loss or theft of an employee’s mobile phone or PDA.
The Bead Bar must install Firewall and AntiVirus software and make sure the programs
are updated regularly to ensure full protection. The company must ensure that all e-mail passing
through the company e-mail server is encrypted, and all employees use strong passwords that
consist of a six or seven-digit mixture of numbers, symbols, and alphabetical letters, (preferably
containing small and capital). The company must provide rules for employees to follow, and
guidelines concerning what they should do if a system compromise is suspected, and the
company needs to educate employees on the different tactics used in gaining access to the
company’s inside information.
I recommend the company use a remote (Internet) location off the company site for
backup and storage of all company data. In the event that the system becomes totally inoperable,
the Bead Bar could download the company data stored at the remote location and have business
up and running normally in a fast and easy manner.

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