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IT205 Bead Bar Network Paper




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Bead Bar Network Paper 1
Bead Bar Network Paper
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Bead Bar Network Paper 2
Bead Bar Network Paper
The purpose of this paper is to outline the designing and implementation of a network that
will meet the requirements of each Bead Bar member, as well as the needs of all employees,
clients, customers, and franchisees.
When understanding the foundation of this network there is a need to look at the
responsibilities of this company. I need to develop a network that can accomplish every task of
every member within this company. To do this I will analyze the correct network topology that
must be used as well as the specific network architecture. I will then layout the advantages of this
design and any drawbacks that may occur.
This paper should create new ideas and make the first step in the network planning process.
The Bead Bar hosts many responsibilities. Given their large store base of franchises and
customers, this company is responsible for much paperwork. The development of a database was
a large step in the right direction. This process has taken much hardships and labor out of the
hands of the employees and corporate staff. The downfall of this database is that it truly has no
effect as all stores are not linked into one solid organizational medium.
The purpose of a network in regard to The Bead Bar is to link all computers and all stores to
the main corporate head quarters. All computers and devices within a single Bead Bar store will
be networked together through an appropriate network topology. The networked computers will
then be linked to a main server within each store. This server will have the power to process all
tasks in that store. That server will be linked to a main server located in the corporate office. All
other stores will be linked in the same way, and connected to this server. This will form

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Bead Bar Network Paper 3
server/client architecture. The corporate head quarters office will be able to have full access to
the server. The corporate staff will be able to view, transmit, and receive data from any given
store as well as from The Bead Bar’s website. The managers and staff which are given access
rights will be able to view each store server and all computers in that store which are connected
to that server.
How can this truly effect all within the company?
Franchisees: All franchisee owners will be able to link all computers, printers,
scanners, and registers together in one network. All devices on that network will be
connected to a main server which will upload or download any data quickly and
accurately. These franchisee owners will be able to transmit data to other stores for
inventory or transaction purposes. Customers can purchase products from one store,
and may return them at another. Owners will be able to upload or download paper
work or reports from the corporate office instantly.
Corporate: All main staff of The Bead Bar will be able to have full access to every
computer within every store. Every transaction, customer detail, inventory reports, and
sales reports will be available instantly. The staff may also hire Network
Administrators to monitor and secure the network at all times.
The Bead Bar on Board: By incorporating a main server that connects to all stores,
The Bead Bar on Board will have access to the same advantages as those located in
physical stores. If the Bead Bar on Board had access to the internet through a satellite,
the staff will be able to access the network to process, send, and receive information as
those in a physical store. The internet is a large worldwide network itself. This will
allow those out in the sea to gain world wide access to all Bead Bar Stores and to the
database. There are satellite internet providers which will process the information to

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