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IT205 Computer System Scenarios




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Computer System Scenarios 1
Computer System Scenarios
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Computer System Scenarios 2
Computer System Scenarios
Scenario 1: Sarah’s Flower Designs
Sarah wishes to upgrade her computer system to keep up with the growing demand of her
customers. (Axia, 2007) My recommendations are that Sarah replaces her older computer with a
new desktop computer which not only has primary memory, but secondary memory as well.
Sarah would also need internet capabilities to be able to send updated information to the delivery
driver when needed. As Sarah’s clientele grows, the desktop computer could be upgraded with
additional memory and hard drives.
Sarah would also need to purchase additional software to ensure that Mark is able to keep
records of customer history, sales and deliveries, and perform automatic billing. Some of the
extra software that will be needed by Mark is Microsoft Office Suite, Quicken, and QuickBooks.
The delivery driver, Kim, would benefit from the purchase and use of a Personal Digital
Assistant (PDA) in order to keep records of customer addresses and any special delivery
instructions while on the road. Some PDAs come equipped with wireless capabilities; therefore,
new information could be sent to Kim throughout the day if desired, and Kim could upload
information back to the business if desired.
Scenario 2: SBI Corporation
The SBI Corporation wishes to improve SBI’s company Web site and grant their clients
access to their portfolio information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. (Axia, 2007) SBI would also
like to keep the Corporation’s traveling employees in the loop when on the road. My
recommendation is for SBI to upgrade the computer system to Sun Microsystems’s
minicomputers. This will allow the company to redesign the Web site to their desires and allow
their clients complete access to their portfolio information anytime they wish.

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Computer System Scenarios 3
I recommend the Sun minicomputer because it would allow networking within the
company between offices; the servers can hold from 4-12 processors at one time, depending on
the system model purchased. The Sun Microsystems’s minicomputer is programmed in a way
that it checks itself out and if a problem is discovered, the system will go into defense mode and
heal itself immediately; therefore, cutting down on technical repair costs for the company.
(Beginners Guide, n.d.)
I recommend the SBI Corporation also invest in Laptop computers with wireless
accessibility for the traveling employees so communication can be practiced between the
company and the employee while in transit. Employees would be able to access email and
company documents stored on the server and have access to the website in order to view updated
material or items.
Scenario 3: Helping Hands League
The Helping Hands League is a nonprofit organization that has 35 volunteers who assist
elderly and handicapped individuals with daily routine activities. (Axia, 2007) The organization’s
looking for a system with the ability to keep all past and present volunteer and client records for
tax purposes and creates volunteer schedules; however, they update process has to remain within
the organization’s limited budget.
My recommendation is for Helping Hands to invest in a desktop computer with an inkjet
printer. A desktop computer will have the needed storage for client and volunteer records for tax
purposes. Additional software such as Microsoft Office Suite would allow the organization
managers to create volunteer schedules and print them out. A desktop computer will give easy
access and ability to update any changes in schedule or financial information. A desktop

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