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Week 1 DQ 1
The benefit of implementing an information system into a small company such as the Bead Bar,
is the systems allowance of designing and creating electronic records of employee information
and company transactions such as (a) product inventory, (b) customer records such as name,
address, product order, secure payment information, and delivery and (c) records of vendors. An
information system would assist in keeping up-to-date payroll records and reports as well as
provide electronic automated billing and account notices.
The financial benefit would be that the system would allow users to access data easily on a
timelier basis. There would be no reason for keeping hard-copy logs of all company transactions.
The non-financial benefit would be that an information system would allow more than one
individual access to the records at any given time; therefore, saving time on an individual having
to search for information and possibly wait for someone else to finish accessing the data before
allowing another individual access to the records.
The bottom line is that an information system implemented into any small company would save
on time and money which in turn would benefit the company by increasing net profits.
Week 1 DQ 2
The waterfall model is a valuable tool in the management of information technology as it
contains seven phases in the building process of developing and maintaining an information
system. With the waterfall model each phase is dependent on information and completion of
previous phases. Use of the waterfall model allows an individual to improve products and exerts
their creative abilities by reasoning and discovery by “trial and error” of mistakes and areas with
needs for improvement. Compare to the building of a house by a carpenter or any other building
or development project; the developer must have a firm foundation before continuing on to phase
two of the project. This type of model (waterfall) is valuable as no-one wants a program that is
going to crash or experience any technical problems that allow loss of detrimental company
information that would be time consuming and costly or even impossible to replace. Each phase
must be completed and pass inspection or usage expectations leading into the next phase. The
end result should produce a sound, reliable high-end product for company distribution and
customer usage.
Week 3 DQ 1
Word Processing software is used to create and edit documents and allows the user to apply
special formatting and style to the documents. Word Processing software is commonly used for
company letters, memos, and legal documents in a business. Software packages such as

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Microsoft Word and Word Perfect are two of the common word processing programs used in
business today.
A spreadsheet is used by accountants, department managers, researchers, etc. to analyze financial
data. Popular packages that supply a spreadsheet include Microsoft’s Excel, Lotus 1-2-3, and
Corel’s Quattro Pro. A spreadsheets primary duty is to handle numbers and mathematical
formulas either built-in to the software or set up by the user. The user can then transfer the data
from the spreadsheet into a chart or graph with just a few clicks, if desired, using the same Excel
program or whichever they are currently using. Companies can use a spreadsheet for monthly
sales reports, yearly comparisons, projection sales reports, income reports, and monthly cost and
analysis. Additionally, a company can use the software for employee payroll.
In order for a company to view web pages from the internet, the company would need web
browser software. There are several on the market today such as Internet Explorer, Netscape,
Mozilla Firefox, and Google has a new one out called Chrome. Web browsers work with an
internet connection and a Graphic User Interface (GUI) which allows users to interact with
computers. (, 2008) This is important as it allows customers and employees to
interact with the company website and be able to communicate with each other via the web.
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Week 3 DQ 2
Rachel (VP of Operations and Purchasing) needs a Database Management System Software
(DBMS). Rachel could install barcode scanner hardware and software to her current computer
system, and the DBMS would allow her to organize the data of all inventory products incoming
and outgoing.
Mitch (VP of Bead Bar on Board) would like software he can use on his handheld computer.
Mitch needs Personal Information Manager (PIM) Software such as FrontRange’s Goldmine
which focuses on sales and contact management. Mitch would have the ability to enter client
contact information and personal notes concerning business options. The PIM software can be
synchronized with information on a desktop computer system.

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Week 5 DQ 1
Spreadsheets can handle data storage in general but businesses require systems with the ability to
manipulate the data into various scenarios for different reasons. Database Management Systems
(DBMSs) are important because businesses need to be able to access large amounts of
information, and that information must be accessible to multiple users quickly, and from any
location. DBMSs are excellent at providing security to a firm's privileged information; from
anyone like disgruntled employees, to competitors trying to "hack" into the infrastructure.
Week 5 DQ 2
My recommendation is that the Stationary Stop uses an Enterprise database management system.
The company’s desire to create a Web site and the evident company expansion are the reasons for
my choice. Desktop DBMSs have all of the same functions with the exception of integrating into
a Web site. In addition to creating invoices and reports, accessing product availability, storing
customer and vendor information, and providing current prices, Enterprise databases can process
and track online customer ordering. With the creation of a Web site for the Stationery Stop linked
to an Enterprise database, a company will ensure seamless transactions and instant feedback not
only for the customer, but for anyone who accesses the Web site.
Week 7 DQ 1
If a hacker were to breach a system that stored my credit card information, I would suffer greatly.
I would have to go through the pain of justifying the incident with my credit card company, my
bank, any online stores, my landlord, and my medical physicians; the end result? I would have to
rebuild my credit from scratch which would probably take years to achieve. To ensure safety of
my financial information used online, I implement the use of PayPal, which is a secure website
that stores my purchasing information, credit card and bank account numbers, securely. When
purchasing through PayPal, no account information leaves PayPal to become visible to any
vendor over the internet.
If my computer had no Firewall or AntiVirus software installed, my computer would be at risk of
attack by a virus which could delete data, or render the system totally inoperable. If a virus
attacked my computer, I could be totally devastated. I would be incapable of accessing any
financial records, business documents, academic documents, etc. that is currently being stored on
my system. With Firewall and AntiVirus software installed, none of my critical data will be
visible and no “bug” could gain access to my system.
If a poorly-written e-mail program caused an “open-door” effect in its configuration, I could be
attacked through spam messages, and most importantly, by viruses embedded in an e-mail
attachment whether the sender knowingly or unknowingly sent the virus to me.
Week 7 DQ 2

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