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The Joy of Garbage Transcript

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The Joy of Garbage Transcript
SOC/100 Version 2
Due 4/13
Assignment: Describe specific components of the perspective used in the evaluation
in 125 words.
The Joy of Garbage Transcript
Characters: NBC News Anchor: Matt Lauer, Today National Correspondent: Jenna Wolfe, Character 1-3,
Simpsons, Student 1, Student 2, Professor, Student 3, & College Representative
MATT Higher education has come a long way from the three R’s. Today colleges are offering all
kinds of classes many you probably won’t believe. Today National Correspondent, Jenna
Wolfe is here today to explain that. Jenna, how bad are these?
JENNA It is not bad, it is good. It depends on how much you are into education. When I was in
think back to college I remember taking my Psych 101, English lit, maybe a little biology.
While universities still require those core classes what we used to come to know as
liberal arts now has a much wider definition.
VIDEO (The Little Rascals) (cut to movie clip)
CHARACTER 1 I wish that there was some way that we could get out of school today.
CHARACTER 2 Me, too.
CHARACTER 3 Me, too, neither… hmmm.
JENNA Do you remember taking algebra back in school and wondering: when am I ever going to
use this in real life? Wouldn’t it have been much more fun studying sports or cooking or
TV, like “Family Ties”? Well, now you can. As universities across the country have begun
offering practical courses. The key word there being “practical.” At Center College in
Kentucky they offer a course called “The Art of Walking,” where students learn about
nature while burning off a few calories at the same time. You like TV? Well, at Cal Berkley
(cut to opening scene of The Simpsons) they’ve got a seminar called “Simpsons and
SIMPSONS This is a chance for me to fulfill my life-long dream.
JENNA Yeah. That Simpsons, where you actually write an episode for your final exam.
SIMPSONS Uh, let’s watch something else.
JENNA Even Yale, an Ivy League school, has added a few trendy classes to their
curriculum, such as “The History of Shopping.” Sign me up! Or “The Culture of Things.”
Talk about a broad topic. We caught up with Yale professor Shelley Kagan who teaches
one of the more popular courses on campus called “Death.”
STUDENT 1 I took both “Life” and “Death.”
JENNA Yes, he also teaches “Life,” just in case you were wondering.
STUDENT 2 A course in “Death” or a course in “Life” has sort of like a cache ring to it.

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