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IT205 Operating Systems




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Operating Systems
Operating Systems
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Axia College of University of Phoenix

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Operating Systems
The fundamental differences between Windows®, Mac OS®, UNIX, and Linux
are that each system depends on a different language. The differences are described as
The UNIX operating system is a multiprogramming, multitasking operating system
(OS). The portability of UNIX has become one of its best features. The UNIX OS was
used primarily in the academic environment, government offices, and government
contractors in the early years of internet activity. Despite UNIX’s variety of capabilities,
UNIX never achieved popularity as an OS for a personal computer.
According to Axia, the Linux operating system was created by Linus Torvalds
(University of Phoenix, 2007). Linus made the source code openly available for anyone to
contribute improvements to the program. The Linux OS can run on any personal computer
and is multi-user friendly and highly reliable. The best characteristic is that Linux is free.
The Mac OS was created for use on the Macintosh computer. Mac OS is known for
being the first operating system built with a Graphic User Interface (GUI). Mac OS X
gives extensive support for multimedia applications. With OS X, a user can organize and
burn digital music to his or her own CDs and take digital images and videos and burn them
to a DVD.
The Windows operating system requires no advanced programming abilities.
Windows also was built with a GUI. With Windows, a user can manipulate data with
simple commands and produce unlimited results.
Large organizations depend on Mainframe computers because they handle millions,
and often billions of instructions per minute. The Mainframe operating systems includes

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Operating Systems
the use of many processors in order to meet the demands of handling very large amounts
of data.

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