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IT205 Potential IT Professions Part I




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Potential IT Professions
Potential IT Professions – Part I
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Potential IT Professions
The System Analyst
A System Analyst helps a company determine what hardware and software would be
most beneficial to their business needs. When the Analyst is presenting a recommendation of this
type the analyst would present the steps involved with implementing the installation and use of
the program or hardware, the budget outline, and the time-frame involved. The System Analyst
also gathers user information from company employees to determine if the company has the need
to create a training program to address new and unknown software or hardware functions.
Today’s salary for a System Analyst averages $70,000 - $90,000 a year.
Note: In some businesses, an analyst whose primary job is to run extensive test on computer
software carries the job title of “Quality Assurance (QA) Analyst”. (College Board, 2008)
Software Engineer
A Software Engineer is an individual who uses research and design to create and develop
new application or system software within a team of developers. (Career Overview, 2004) The
Software Engineers primary job is to test, debug, and maintain any new software that the
Engineer has developed. A Software Engineers duties include designing and constantly
researching development of new technologies; additionally, coding instructions into a computer
for manipulation of a program, and testing new software programs; and consulting with various
clients and writing reports and technical documents. The main contact, in the event that a
program fails to function properly, would be the Software Engineer (Career Overview, 2004).
Note: Software Engineers are also known as “Software Developers” and “Computer

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Potential IT Professions
Career Overview, (2004). Computer Software Engineering Career, Job and Employment
Information. Retrieved September 24, 2008, from
College Board, (2008). Career: Computer System Analysts. Retrieved September 24, 2008, from

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