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Wk 3 DQ 2
· Resource:
· Due Date: Day 4 – Thursday – 07/30 [Main forum]
· Search the Internet for information on Arizona Proposition 200.
· Post your response to these questions: Do you think Proposition 200 will affect
the U.S. economy if it is widely adopted throughout the country? Why or why
I think Proposition 200 can be a good thing. If I am reading this right, Proposition 200
requires that only US Citizens can vote, and that only U.S. Citizens and people who are
working legally in the U.S. can receive public services. Although I do see where this
could cause health concerns due to illegal immigrants not seeking medical services or
advice. I would like to believe that only U.S. Citizens are voting and that the people in
charge of voting are not allowing non U.S. citizens to vote.
As a whole I do not think the economy would suffer overly much if this proposition was
adopted throughout the country. If people want to live, work, and vote in the U.S. they
should do what it takes to do this legally. Anyone who knows of someone that is in the
U.S. illegally should be required to report them and should be punished for not reporting
Arizona Proposition 200 is to keep illegal immigrants from voting. this
proposition mandates that law enforcement notify proper authorities and report illegal
immigrants or immigrants that have expired green cards. If this was adopted throughout
the United States many more people may be deported. The effects on the economy might
be less working for manual labor jobs such as construction and working in fields. This
would mean higher priced foods and resources where field workers would be charged
true minimum wage. It would also possible cause construction prices to increase since
labor prices would increase.
Arizona Proposition 200 is a way to prevent illegal immigrants from voting, but is also a
way of controlling the illegal immigrants problem within Arizona. With proposition 200
illegal immigrants would no longer be able to get state assistance, vote or obtain a job
without the proper papers, registration, and identification. Immigrants and employers a
like can be charged with a misdemeanor offense, which in turn could hurt an immigrants
chance of becoming a US citizen. In my opinion there are two ways to look at how this
could affect the United States if it were to become adopted all over. Firstly, there is the
one side that could say that by not allowing illegal immigrants the benefits of state
assistance we are lowering national cost. This would mean less tax payers dollars going
to help aid illegal immigrants in things like food assistance, healthcare, and job
placement programs. On the other hand though placing restrictions on illegal immigrants

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and deporting them would mean less workers in the field, construction business, and
other domestic jobs. If this were to occur this means a rise in wages, which also means a
rise in consumer goods and services.
The question I always wonder is; what is the lengths that any person would go through in
order to provide for there families? While illegal immigration may not seem right it does
have a positive motive behind it.
After reviewing Arizona Proposition 200, and placing considerable thought on the
subject. I have found that effects of it would be a great thing to our country. This would
cut back on immigration which is a leading factor on job loss through out the nation. This
will also cut down on government aid to those in need, since Illegal Aliens have been
using government help for years. I also think but eliminating illegal immigration, would
open up more job opportunities to those in seek of work.
This would in turn raise the economy, and allow working citizens to function properly in
a nation that was built upon the laws, and regulations. This would be a great step towards
cleaning house, and we are in dier need of doing just that. I think this should be presented
across the nation, in sake of the economy, as well as the future of this great nation.
Much of the debate over immigration reform is steeped in competing claims about the
economic impact of legal and illegal immigrants. Arizona recently passed Proposition
200, which bars illegal immigrants from receiving government services, and other states
with large illegal populations are considering similar measures. One major source of
controversy is the extent to which legal immigrants benefit from government safety-net
programs in comparison to native citizens. Such as food stamps, Temporary Assistance
for Needy Families, Supplemental Security Income, and Medicaid. When it comes to the
economy the pace of recent U.S. economic growth would have been impossible without
immigration. From an economic standpoint, the evidence seems clear that draconian
measures such as massive deportations or major reductions in legal immigration levels
would be counterproductive to the United States and its citizens.
The Arizona proposition 200 is to insure that only U.S. citizens are voting or receiving
public benefits in Arizona.
Not having illegal immigrants to be able to receive public benefits could reduce taxes.
When the world gets out to people in Mexico, I think that this would slow down illegal
immigrants from coming into Arizona. Once this happens, the high medical cost they are
paying could also be reduced. There are many illegal immigrants that go to the hospital,
but can not afford to pay the bill. People with insurance are paying higher prices to make
up for this.
Illegal immigrants do how ever take low paying jobs such as farming and construction. If
the state kept illegal immigrants out of Arizona, these companies might have to pay more
to get workers. However this would create more jobs so the unemployment rate should
drop, but if these types of companies had to pay their employees more, then the cost
would rise. I think that the state should make people that are on the welfare system work
this jobs if they are healthy enough, until they can find another job to get them off

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welfare. This would influence people that are on the welfare system to get off as soon as
possible. I think that this could be a great law to have if the state did it properly.
Arizona Proposition 200 is a way to keep illegal immagrants from voting. I think this is
good illegal immigrants do not often pay taxes and are not legal residents of this country
so they should have no right to vote. I do not think this would have a big effect on our
enconomy if it was adopted thoughtout the country. It would have big affects if lots of
immigrants got caught trying to vote but if they know they would be checked I do
not think many would try to vote. I am sure there will be lots of people that get caught
trying to get by as with any law in this country, but we have around 12 million illegal
immagrants in this country. They would need to catch a couple million illegal immigrats
to really make an effect on our economy.
Proposition 200 (Arizona) will affect the U.S. economy in this positive way:
It will require a valid photo I.D. to receive any public services - if you cannot produce
one then you do not get any public services period. Saving the taxpayer money - no food
stamps, medical services, etc.
Can you imagine the savings if it was adopted throughout the entire U.S. - billions of
Proposition 200 in Arizona was massive. Not only the adults were affected, but also the
children who arrived to this country too young to have a voice and now they must leave,
even if they are young adults, working or attending school. Some of these children do not
speak spanish and need to leave. I saw a great drop in the Real Estate transactions when
the illegal emigrants were forced out, granted, the federal law in Real Estate permits
people from other countries to buy real estate in the US. The legality of this issue is they
need either a Social Security number or Tax Reporting Number if they are financing the
property, but if they are paying cash, up to my knowledge today, these numbers are not
Arizona started to suffer with this law, in combination with the US economy slump that
followed 2007-2009. Many small businesses were not able to get help at minimum wage.
I think if this law would be passed in the whole country of US, these measures are too
severe, and do not have a "plan b" established. This law needed a plan b and people in
place to replace the illegal immigrant that have left, and according to later reports, the
entrance to this country illegally has dropped greatly. Have we trained our children to
work for minimal wage? I have not, and would be very difficult to see my daughter work
for minimal wage with all her expenses.
Arizona Proposition 200 was passed to keep illegal immigrants from being able to
vote or receive public assistance. It also requires people to be able to provide proof they
are in the country legally.
I think the economy would be affected if Arizona Proposition 200 was adopted
throughout the country. States that rely on immigration workers would be the most
Proposition 200 will affect the U.S. economy if it is widely adopted throughout the
country. Proposition 200 institutes the rules and regulations set forth by the Federal
Welfare Reform Act that was passed in 1996. The Federal Welfare Reform Act stated that
benefits such as welfare would not be granted to "illegal aliens." Proposition 200 takes
this act a step further by mandating that anyone who applies for welfare must show

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