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INB 205 Wk 6 Checkkpoint - Market Screening for Final Project - 22.5 of 25 LATE




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Market Screening Research 1
You did a good job with this market-screening project. Your analysis of the basic need potential,
import restrictions and price controls involved in exporting of corn to Mexico and the
government and public attitude towards American products was impressive. It demonstrates a
good knowledge of the topic. However, your paper is a day late (- 2.5 points). If you have any
questions regarding this topic, post a question here and I will be glad to help. I look forward to
reading your final project.
GRADE: 22/25
Market Screening
Your name
Axia College of University of Phoenix

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Market Screening Research 2
Market Screening Research
I have chosen to export corn to Mexico. Since Mexico joined the General Agreement on
Tariffs and Trade (GATT) in 1986, few goods have been subject to import license. Until the late
1980’s, Mexico was self-sufficient in producing corn. In 1990, however, the demand for corn
exceeded supply by 3.3 million tons, and in 1993 Mexico imported 400,000 tons of corn, almost
all from the United States (Country Studies, n.d.). One of the weakest points of the Mexican
economy is its strong dependence to the American economy. Although there are several restricted
goods, more than 80% of Mexican exports and imports are with the United States. Some
examples of restricted goods are:
Meat of poultry in brine,
Lard, fats and oils,
Apples, Beer, Cigars, cigarettes and matches,
New pneumatic tires used on bicycles,
Used pneumatic tires,
Bicycles, Pencils, Compact discs, recorded and unrecorded,
Sound recording equipment (CD writers), and textiles (FedEx, 2009).
The Ministry of the Economy is the administration in charge of import licenses for
products which are still subject to import licenses. Although used machinery may be banned
from import there are not any price controls set for almost any other product. The Mexican
public feel American brands are quality products they can trust and have a favoring attitude
towards buying American made products. The government, however, encourages the locals to
buy Mexican products to benefit the economy (Associated Content, 2009).

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Market Screening Research 3
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Really great stuff, couldn't ask for more.