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Week Eight - HUM130 - Discussion Question - One




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Discussion Question 1

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There are clearly many differences between newer religions and older ones; this is
primarily due to the evolution and modernization of the religions. These two components
have brought about new methodologies in regard to globalization. This, in turn, has
fostered the advancement of technology, which has served as a means to further spread
new ideas and values to new regions. Older religions have typically been restricted in
that its ability to spread was limited; however, as the world advanced, so did the ability
and facility to travel and communicate on a larger scale. These methods can currently be
seen through the usage of technologies such as phone and Internet. Additionally, it is a
commonality for people in all classes to own a television. Religious messages and ideals
are constantly being spread through this means. Another distinction between newer
religions and older ones is that the older ones are based on faith, whereas newer religions
are typically based on science.
Newer religions tend to be self-promoting and formed on a basis of self-interest.
These religions often-times take form in a cult or a sect of some sort, or even a
revitalization of an older religion. Modernists tend to push for new religions and seem to
conform to the present day’s values, morals, and ethics; these religions have been
widespread. There are still similarities between newer and older religions. Most of these
religions still have mirror-like practices in the form of prayer, focus, incentives, and
purpose. They also seem to believe and/or worship a deity or deities. Many newer
religions have essentially built upon the older ones in order to satisfy the ever-changing
desires and needs of its congregants. The older religions are still being practiced today,
nevertheless, by people who adhere to the fact that modernization is not a reason as to
modify a religion.

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