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Week Eight - HUM130 - Discussion Question - Two.




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Discussion Question 2

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On an overall level, religious pluralism strengthens organized religion; this
primarily occurs through discourse and an understanding and appreciation that people are
different. Both religious pluralism and the interfaith movement directly and indirectly
strengthen individual religious traditions; nevertheless, it is merely dependent upon how
one actually defines these terms. If it concerns the acceptance that people are different
and that other faiths can and should exist, it fails basically to dispute the actual principles
of organized religion. Some say, however, that it entails a sense of unified connectivity
and the notion that all faiths are essentially legitimate. This certainly is in opposition to
common orthodox understandings of numerous organized religions.
Both pluralism and the interfaith movement could potentially result in
decentralization, which in turn, would prolong the continuation in the augmentation of
religious diversity. The lack of a structured core with the power and influence to enforce
orthodoxy on the masses has resulted in an increase in diversity and even rivalry within
specific religions. This rivalry is not necessarily damaging; however, it is important to be
cognizant of the fact that various religions have been prosperous in states, regions,
provinces, and countries in which religious freedoms are granted; it has essentially
prevented this rivalry and stopped any specific religion/religious group from establishing
a form of domination. It can be said that this rivalry can and will restrict pluralism
among religious groups. When religious pluralism is identified as interfaith dialogue that
is connected to its corresponding faction, it has the ability to strengthen organized
religion, as it fosters communication, discussion, and even appreciation.

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