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CJA385 Phoenix Criminal Justice Policy Analysis Final Exam

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CJA 385 FINAL EXAMINATION This examination should be saved and submitted as a Word document under your assignments tab. If indicated, the answer must come from your Week 3, 4 or 5 reading assignments. Otherwise, you can base your answer on class discussions, class reading assignments, outside research and/or your own opinion. APA formatting is not required except that you should use proper APA formatting for your references. Please cite your source directly under your answer for all questions. Each question is worth 2 points. 1. What are the four steps of cost-benefit analysis as described in your textbook? “First, one identifies all of the effects or consequences of a policy and categorizes them as costs or benefits for various groups. Both direct and indirect effects should be analyzed. Second, dollar values are placed on various costs and benefits. This will be relatively easy for items that are customarily bought and sold in markets. For such matters as good health, the prolongation of human life, or scenic vistas, it will be much more difficult. Third, some of the consequences or effects of a policy will be current or near-term, but others will occur many years in the future ...
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