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Week Four - HUM130 - CheckPoint - Final Project Preparation - Appendix B




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Appendix B
7 Question Final Project Plan
What religion would you like to
consider for your final project?
Describe the place of worship you will
I would like to consider Shintoism for my
final project. I know of a Shinto center in
New York relatively close to where I
reside that is well-known and respected.
What do you already know about this
I am not entirely familiar with this
religion. This is one of the primary
reasons of why I am considering this
religion to be my final project. My main
knowledge of this religion comes from
what I have learned from this class,
although I do know that Shintoism is
closely-related to Buddhism.
What resource will you use to find a
place of worship for this religion?
I am already somewhat familiar with a
place of worship for this religion,
although I will certainly utilize the Internet
to discover additional well-known
religious establishments in my area.
What are some sources you could use
to gain more knowledge about this
Sources I could use to gain more
knowledge about this religion would be:
the textbook, additional books, the
Internet, and followers and/or subject-
matter experts of the religion.
What type of materials do you expect
to review for this project?
I expect to review any material that
would better assist me in understanding
the concepts and the ideas within
Shintoism as well as learn about the
people who actually practice it.
How will you gain access to the
materials you need?
I will gain access to the materials I need
by physically searching for them,
whether it be through telephone, in-
person visits, or through the Internet.
What difficulties do you anticipate in
conducting an interview with someone
of this faith?
I anticipate difficulties in finding someone
within my area that actually practices this
religion, as most people within my
community practice monotheistic
religions such as Christianity and
What religion were you brought up with
HUM 130

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Create a list of 10 questions you would
like to ask during the interview.
as a youth?
Were you ever interested in any other
How long have you been involved with
When you started to practice Shintoism,
in what way(s) did it change your life?
Does Shintoism stop you from doing
anything you would do if you weren’t
practicing it?
What is the most fascinating element of
How has your involvement in Shintoism
affected your personal life?
Have you ever come under scrutiny for
practicing Shintoism?
Does practicing Shintoism consume a
great amount of your time?
What is the most difficult element of
Does Shintoism mention salvation, which
seems to be a common theme amongst
the major religions?
HUM 130

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