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LAW421 Phoenix Contemporary Business Law Final Exam

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LAW 421 Final Exam June 2017 – received 93.33% (28 out of 30 correct) 1) A member of a minority race applies for a position for which he is well-qualified. However, the company rejects him and hires a nonminority applicant for the position. The minority applicant can sue under ________. • Title VII of the Civil Rights Act 2) Lawrence Johnson is a soccer player who has a six-year contract with the Cairo United soccer team. Two years into the contract, he meets with an accident which results in the complete amputation of his right leg. Lawrence is discharged from further performance of the contract by ________. • discharge by impossibility 3) In which of the following methods of alternative dispute resolution must parties to a case employ a neutral third party to settle their dispute? • mediation 4) Daniel Simmons and Lawrence Rogers, the 2 owners of XYZ, LLC are contending parties to a lawsuit involving the division of their business assets. They wish to settle their case out of court. Daniel and Lawrence engage in discussions and bargaining with the presence of their attorneys and finally conclude that Daniel keeps 60 percent of the assets while Lawrence gets the remainder. In this scenario, the ________ method of alternative dispute resolution is used. • Arbitration 5) Jeremy crashes his friend John's car because he is an incompetent driver. Emily, John's sister, is outraged and wants John to sue his friend. John refuses to file a case against his longtime fri ...
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