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ES1010 Columbia Southern Wastage And Ephemeral Streams Questions

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Columbia Southern University
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Question 1 1. If accumulation exceeds wastage in a glacial budget, which of the following will happen? The terminus will move downhill ("advance"). The terminus will shift uphill ("retreat"). The glacier will begin to flow uphill. The glacier will melt away due to climate change. Question 2 1. Rapids and waterfalls are more likely in __________. a v-shaped valley a meandering stream a braided stream a delta Question 3 1. Plants consume water during photosynthesis. They also release it to the atmosphere during __________. evaporation degassing transpiration infiltration Question 4 1. Ephemeral streams __________. are a major agent of erosion in desert regions are a major agent of erosion in areas of ground moraine flow all the time are limited to rainshadow deserts Question 5 1. What are erosional features produced by valley (alpine) glaciers called? Moraines Cirques Eskers Drumlins Question 6 1. Match the landscape feature with the material from which it is formed. Drumlin c moraine c Esker b Glacial erratic a Horn a A. Solid rock B. Outwash C. Till Question 7 1. Match the term with the definition Dissolved loadA Bed loadD SortingE CapacityB Braided channelsC A. Soluble sediments that are carried in solution B. The maximum load of solid particles a stream can transport C. A complex network of converging and diverging channels that thread their way among numerous islands or gravel bars D. Sand, gravel, and large boulders that are too large to be carried in suspension ...
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