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CJ101 Grantham Introduction To Criminal Justice Midterm Exam

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1. ADHD has been linked to antisocial behavior. True False 2 points Question 2 1. Gang membership has increased over the past decade. True False 2 points Question 3 1. Which of the early forms of judicial proceedings involved a determination of guilt based on the ability of the accused to withstand placing his hand in boiling water or holding a hot iron? Trial by ordeal Trial by combat Trial by fire Trial by jury 2 points Question 4 1. CASE 2.3 Mary, a student at a community college in New York, is in the United States on a student visa that allows her to remain in the United States until she obtains her master’s degree in biology. She is considering returning to her home country because she is concerned with the increase in crime at her college and in the surrounding area. Mary attempts to find information on the crime rates in her hometown to compare to those in the city where she currently attends college. Why will it be difficult for Mary to compare the crime rates in a U.S. city with her hometown of London, England? England does not have any crime statistics that are available to civilians. There are differences in the way crime is measured. England is a dictatorship and manipulates crime rates so that their country appears to be safe. Only solved cases are included in England’s crime rates. 2 points Question 5 1. Individual state jurisdictions still control police shooting policy. True False 2 points Question 6 1. Private police focus largely on prevention. T ...
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