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Week Two - HUM130 - Discussion Question - Two




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Week Two: Discussion Question Two
Humanities 130

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I firmly believe that the relationships discussed were fostered through the spiritual
elders who lived among each generation. They eventually matured with the knowledge
and understanding that was achieved, ultimately finding that harmony would ultimately
lead to unification. The relationships were fostered in people that experienced various
components of life while utilizing simple observation to form a deep understanding of it.
This deep understanding ultimately offered a spiritual function by incorporating virtues
into common circumstances. Numerous cultures and religions have varying beliefs, but
many are similar in that they share the same objectives which are based on achieving
these forms of deep understanding.
I found it particularly interesting that indigenous people believe in a circular
unity. This belief seems to bring tranquility and harmony into their lives. I believe that
relationships are tremendously vital in order to maintain a conserved life. It was critical
for indigenous people to establish relationships with other people to continue to
accomplish this kind of life, whether it is with a spiritual being, a living relative or even
one that has passed on. It seems that these kinds of relationships were in all probability
formed so as to provide the people with direction, religion, belief, contentment, and
Through the establishment of these kinds of relationships, the indigenous people
thought that they would be provided for and the circle would eventually make its way
back to them. For these people, life seems to be based around generational cycles – all
the way from nativity to one’s passing away. For them, there seems to be a realization
that life is a multifaceted and intricate circle which ultimately creates contentment and

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