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HUM 111 Week Six DQS




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Week Six
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Learnscape link on your student Web site for Week Six. Watch and
reflect on the videos One Hit and They Said They Lied. The main message of the videos is
that, despite many people’s claim to the contrary, one hit is enough to get a person addicted
to drugs or even lead to death. Suppose you are asked to investigate the validity of that
claim. What sources of information would you use to conduct such an investigation?
I would probably start by getting a first hand account of how drugs affect people from those people that
have gone through it. That would provide the best information because it comes straight from the source
and the data is least likely to be manipulated because of biasness. Either the person did drugs and it
caused them to become addicted, or it didn't. The only room for error is if the person died from drugs
because the family would most likely be extremely biased. Another source I would use is the workers that
help at volunteer and rehab centers. Again, it's very close to getting information straight from the source
because those people have direct contact with people who became addicted to drugs. Then I would turn
to online resources and statistics for information. Even though many of these websites and sources are
credible, they are last only because I am a firm believer that statistics are easily manipulated to reflect any
idea. The reason I would still use them is to support the claims I made during my investigation.
Identify three sources of information when investigating a problem or issue. Compare steps
you would take to refine the solutions to a problem with steps to refine resolutions of an issue.
There are many different sources to use to solve problems and issues. When investigating a problem
or issue, three common sources are eye witness testimony, expert opinion, and research review.
These few sources provide some of the most credible information as well as identifying patterns. The
steps in refining solutions to a problem are working out the details, finding imperfections and
complications, and making improvements. The steps in refining resolutions of an issue only involve
deciding what action should be taken then recognizing and overcoming difficulties. In my opinion, the
steps for refining resolutions of an issue are simply a condensed version of the steps used in refining
a solution. Deciding what action is to be taken works in the same way as working out the details. In
both steps, the question "What is to be done?" is asked. The questions asked during refining a
resolution are essentially working out the details. Recognizing difficulties is basically the same
as finding imperfections and making improvements could be considered overcoming those
If you had to investigate a problem or issue, what sources of information would you use?
Explain why.
I would most likely begin the investigation by seeking out eyewitness testimonies. They would be from
both, people that have first experience dealing with the problem or issue, as well as people that have
been affected by others going through it. This source not only provides insight to how the situation
has directly or indirectly affected them, but it can also encourage new thoughts an ideas to consider.
Published reports would be another source to use along with statistics. The published reports are
usually based on facts and can be verified for its reliability which brings credible support during an
investigation. Even though statistics are generally an average, it would mainly be used to offer even
more support to the information already gathered. I would also try to include expert opinions as a
source. Because they are more knowledgeable in their field of study, experts are considered
trustworthy and more capable of being able to distinguish certain events and incidents from others.

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Read Applications 11.1 of your text on p. 205. Share with the class how you identified and
solved the problem and how you refined and reached your best solution.
The problem of experts claiming that more children with one parent have more problems is I think due
to lack of influence from both sides. I have heard that being alone makes you stronger when growing
up but also there can be some slight issues there that one parent can not fully help. Solving this
problem with one parent perhaps just takes on some sort of influence from the opposite sex. That
influence can be from a after school sports program or a big brother type of program. Not everyone is
blessed to have both parents growing up due to several reasons but the other person whether male
or female can give some guidance. This guidance does not have to come from dating the parent of
the child but just someone who is willing to help and spend time with that person. This is a solution
that possibly could help the problems in my opinion.
Read Applications 13.2 of your text on p. 233. How would you resolve this issue? Use both
steps presented in Ch. 13 to refine your resolution in your response.
It is wrong to blame people for being born with a disease.
Criminality is a disease some people are born with. Therefore, it
is wrong to blame people for committing crimes. How is this possible blaming those who is afflicted with a
disease that is beyond their control? these people didn't asked for this to happened and genetically we
can not predict the outcome of how he or sh will become once diagnosed with a disease that is beyond
them. Yes it is wrong for committing crimes because that is a moral judgement and a choice.

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