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HSM 230 Assignment - HSM Personal Leadership Plan




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A Student’s Personal 1
A Student’s Personal Leadership Plan
UoP Student
Axia College of University of Phoenix

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A Student’s Personal 2
A Student’s Personal Leadership Plan
Name is a student currently studying to obtain her degree in Human Services
Management. It is name’s goal to graduate with her associate’s degree then continue on with her
education graduating from the University of Phoenix with a bachelors degree in Human
Services Management. It is her desire to be an advocate for children who cannot receive help on
their own. She will likely start her career in her local Department of Job and Family Services
(DJFS) where her ethics and morals will be tested but not defeated.
What are Ethics?
Ethics is a term that is often heard when individuals discuss human service, legal, and
educational work. What exactly are ethics? According to Answers (2008) ethics are “The science
of human duty; the body of rules of duty drawn from this science” (para. 1). Ethics can be
described loosely as doing what is right. Why are ethics important in the human services field?
Ethics are important for those in human services because those individuals are working to
achieve what is best for another individual. Using one’s ethics on the job will assure that all
clients are treated fairly and that a client’s best interest is kept in mind.
Leaders within an organization need to be the first to set high ethical standards. Edward
Hennessy once stated that “Ethics must begin at the top of an organization. It is a leadership
issue and the chief executive must set the example” (ThinkExist, 2006). When an individual is
given the opportunity to lead others, he or she must use that chance to instill strong ethics in his
or her employees. Living ones ethics on a daily basis is one of the best tools available to help
lead and influence others. When an individual leads by example rather than with an iron fist, he
or she becomes the person others chose to follow.

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A Student’s Personal 3
Many ethical decisions will be made daily in offices of DJFC workers. Should one fudge
paperwork to help get a friend benefits he or she is not eligible for? Should one openly discuss a
case with his or her spouse over dinner? What if a caseworker is working with multiple members
of one family? Should that worker discuss the other client’s information with the family
members? What if an individual came to find that a co-worker was engaging in unethical
behavior? These are all issues that Name could face during her employment with DJFS. Where
can Name turn to find assistance in dealing with such situations? Social workers all over the
country have a Code of Ethics in place that will help set some guidelines, but will not answer all
questions. When Name is faced with these dilemmas, hopefully she will have a strong leader
who will help find the best solution.
Name’s Vision
Name is an honest employee and has been placed in hairy situations before, always
making the ethical decision. Should she be able to work herself into a leadership role in human
services, Name has a vision of the ethical and moral standards that she will attempt to impress
upon those professionals working with her. Name believes that it is important that both clients of
her organization and society trust that the organization is run with the clients’ best interest in
mind and that no elements of disrespect, bias, or mistreatment are used. All clients’ personal
information will be held in the strictest confidence and will only be discussed with the individual
client. Should a client also give permission for the agency to speak another individual or agency
concerning that client, only then will personal information be shared outside of a closed office.
To ensure that Name’s employees are held to high standards Name would make
employees aware of their state’s Code of Ethics along with an employee handbook that would
also house a Code set forth by Name. This Code would include examples of situations not

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