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CAPTA Profile 1
CAPTA Profile
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CAPTA Profile 2
CAPTA Profile
According to Yen (2009) an instance of child abuse is reported in the United States once
every 10 seconds. Children who are abused may walk away from their abuse with little visible
scarring, but every day in the United States four children die as a result of injuries suffered from
child abuse (Yen, 2009). What is being done to protect these young and innocent individuals? In
1974 legislation was passed and the Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act (CAPTA) was
born. The goal of CAPTA is to reduce the instances of child abuse in the United States by
creating treatment programs for those who engage in child abuse, educating individuals to
prevent child abuse, and mandating that certain professions report suspected child abuse (U.S.
Department of Health and Human Services, 2009).
Purpose of CAPTA
Under CAPTA, the Secretary of the Health and Human Services Department `created an
office called The Office on Child Abuse and Neglect. The purpose of this office is to oversee the
organizations and individuals affected by CAPTA. This office has a board of advisors that is
made up of individuals who interact with children on a professional basis including doctors,
social workers, teachers, psychologists, and law enforcement. This advisory board makes
recommendations on preventing family violence, proposes changes that are needed in Federal
and State laws, and facilitates a program for data collection to coordinate information at national,
state, and local levels (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, 2009).
CAPTA provides grants to states to help with the prevention of child abuse. According to
Cornell University Law School (2009), monies are granted to states based on the number of
children residing within said state. These funds are then used to improve the Child Protective
Service agencies handling of abuse and neglect cases including creating protocols that will be

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CAPTA Profile 3
used to investigate cases of abuse, improving legal representation of the abused, and improving
the system by setting up strict guidelines for ongoing case management. The grants that are
provided to states can be revoked if a state does not comply with the requirements of the grant,
including giving reports to the Secretary of Health and Human Services detailing just how the
funds will be used by the State.
CAPTA does not just grant money to public organizations who deal with abused and
neglected children. Because of CAPTA, certain professionals are considered mandatory reporters
of suspected child abuse. These professions include, but are not limited to, doctors,
psychologists, teachers, day care providers, law enforcement officers, and social workers. These
individuals are frequently the ones who will prompt an investigation. CAPTA also offers grants
to organizations who assist individuals with adoption and individuals who adopt. Specifics are
also set requiring background checks for certain individuals who will be working with children.
Individuals who are seeking more information on CAPTA and its implications are lucky
to have many resources to turn to. The first place an individual can find assistance is with his or
her Department of Job and Family Services. This is a government agency in place in every
county in every state. Human service professionals will gain the most information from turning
to the management within his or her organization. Because those in the human services field deal
with this legislation on a daily basis, the management team should be well versed in CAPTA.
Individuals can also use the internet to obtain information, being cautious of the sources of
information. The most accurate information will come from a state’s own Department of Health
and Human Services website. Links can also be found to many law schools where more credible
information can be found.

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