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FINAL EXAM SHORT ANSWER: Directions: You have 1hr 10 minutes to complete this section. Please put your answer for each question in the green QUESTION ANSWER Goofy Co. has $9,000,000 in debt with interest rate of 7% and $10,000,000 in debt with a 5% interest rate. Goofy Co. has a tax rate of 21%, what is the tax shield from debt per year for Goofy Co.? $ 237 A bond has a face value of $1,000, currently selling for $1,056. It has a coupon rate of 8% and the YTM is 7%. The bond pays semiannual coupons. How many years are left until maturity (2 decimal places is fine)? 7.336 Little Co. has just paid a dividend of $2 per share, this dividend is expected to grow at 20% for 2 years and then grow at a constant rate of 3% forever. What should the price of Little Co. be if the required rate of return is 6.5%? a dollar today is more valuable than a dollar What is the saying/slogan associated with the Time Value of Money? What is the main goal of Financial Management? maximize shareholders The process of determining "Which long-term investments to take on" is know as capital ___________. capital bu Simply list two reasons why a firm might repurchase shares? when the market has discounted its share minimize the outstanding shares in the In your own words, define the speculative motive for holding cash? What is the major cost associated with holding cash in a company? it is used by investors to make sure investment opportunities are worth invest capit You are quoted an 8% ...
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