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HSM 230 Assignment - Building an Ethical Organization Part One




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Building an Ethical 1
Building an Ethical Organization
UoP Student
Axia College of University of Phoenix

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Building an Ethical 2
Building an Ethical Organization
In April 2009 construction will begin on the corner of Pier and Locust Streets for the
Sexual Assault Victim’s Educational Safe Haven (SAVES). According to the U.S. Department of
Justice (2009), a sexual assault happens once every two minutes. When these assaults occur,
where do the victims turn for assistance? Currently there is no central location for these victims.
Student , the director of SAVES, is hoping to fill this void in the community by centering many
services victims need all under one roof. The SAVES building will be operated by a non-profit
victim’s advocacy organization and will offer counseling, educational programs, legal advice and
much more.
Services Offered
SAVES will be open to any and all victims of sexual assault as well as their families and
friends. By offering programs not only to victims but loved ones as well, SAVES will establish
the most supportive community for the victim and assist those who feel the ripple effect of the
assault. Student’s goal is to assure that all victims are treated fairly and with respect and that they
all have access to the same programs. According to Campbell (2008):
“Rape victims encounter significant difficulties obtaining help from the legal,
medical, and mental health systems, and what help they do receive can leave them
feeling blamed, doubted, and re-victimized. As a result, survivors' post-rape
distress may be due not only to the rape itself but also to how they are treated by
social systems after the assault.” (para. 40)
SAVES will offer a variety of services, assisting victims through every step of their fight against
their assailant.

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Building an Ethical 3
The SAVES building will be open 24 hours a day as 67% of sexual assaults happen
outside of normal business hours (RAINN, 2008). A toll-free telephone number will be staffed
around the clock for victims to call seeking advice, reporting abuse, or just needing a
sympathetic ear. If a caller reports abuse, he or she will be asked if they would like a victim’s
advocate. If needed, these advocates will accompany victims to the hospital, police department,
as well as to court appearances if the case would go that far.
SAVES staff will be able to assist with pregnancy and sexually transmitted infection
testing in the days after an attack. These tests are confidential, and additional counseling services
will be offered to those with positive test results. SAVES will also provide general counseling to
the victims and their families as well as legal advice and support. Individuals who are victims of
sexual assault are prime candidates for post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Immediate and
frequent counseling can help to lessen the damage caused by PTSD (Tolin & Foa, 2006), which
is one of the many reasons that counseling will be strongly advised at SAVES. Victims need to
know that they are not alone in the fight to convict their attackers; a strong support system will
make the journey less daunting. The center will also provide support groups that will meet
weekly. Participation in these groups will be voluntary and are offered only as an additional
means of support.
Reducing the number of sexual assaults is possible with community involvement. The
center will offer community awareness programs focusing on educating members on the signs of
abuse. SAVES will also hold self-defense classes for both men and women regularly, creating an
empowered community. Involving the community and spreading the word about the center is
imperative to the success of SAVES.

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