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HSM 270 Week 1 Checkpoint 1 - Program Planning and Grant Proposals




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CheckPoint: Program Planning and Grant Proposals
Explain the relaonship between program planning and grant proposals. When describing each
component, address their similaries and dierences as well as how they relate to each other.
Post your explanaon in 200 to 300 words.
Program planning and grant proposals are related to each other because they go hand in hand.
To get a grant proposal, you must have proper program planning. A grant proposal is a speci#c program
plan being put into eect. Program planning gives a step by step plan to develop the grant proposal.
Both planning and proposing are designed to help solve a speci#c problem by thinking logically and
being driven by objecves. It is important to keep the polical feelings neutral on both issues as well.
Program planning is a process that assesses what has happened and also looks into what could have
happened in all the worst case or other decision making scenarios. The planning process breaks down
every step of every decision and deciphers what all the series of dierent outcomes could be, and they
strive to #nd ways to improve those situaons. This is where the Grant proposal comes into play from all
the planning.
Program planning is like a research outlet for the con#guraon of what grant proposals are needed. A
program plan is dierent than a grant proposal because they assess every situaon at a 360 angle, where
as the grant proposal is targeng a speci#c purpose. Program plans are theory based, goal oriented, and
need to happen in a certain me frame. Without program planning, it would be hard to determine who
we would need to help out with the proposing of new grants to programs in need.

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