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HSM 270 Week 2 DQ 1




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Due Date: Day 2 [Main] forum
Identify three considerations that should be part of the program and proposal preplanning process of
grant proposal writing. Respond to your classmates’ posts by commenting on their responses. Did they
bring up something you had not thought about? Did they raise any new, important issues?
There are many things to consider when planning a grant proposal. Standing aside and considering the
people you are trying to target allows you to gain insight and beer your services. To understand the
target populaon and relay the services needed, it is important to take a look at what is going on. It is
important to consider the following quesons about your target audience when wring a proposal for a
1. “Why?”- This is the queson asked to &nd the reason for proposal and to see if they have
desirable goals. Knowing the reason for your program is a constant movaon to improve your
2. “Who?”- The people needing help. It is important to know what they are dealing with, what
assistance they need, the environments they live in, and their characteriscs. Knowing all about
“who” allows the human service worker to access the target populaon, as well as construct a
sta* team of who will cooperate with these people the best.
3. “When? Where? And what”- To ask these quesons is to plan to implement and coordinate your
program. They make sure that your program is at a me that would bring aendance, is located
in a well accessible area, and has the necessary equipment to supply the program what it needs
to sasfy its goals.
I believe by knowing the answers to the “Why, who, when, where, and what?” quesons, we know more
about the people. Since we work to help the people, it important to not only know their demographic,
but to also know your clientele a lile bit beer.

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