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HSM 270 Week 3 Assignment - Steps to Writing a Grant Proposal.




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Steps to Writing a Grant Proposal 1
Steps to Writing a Grant Proposal
University of Phoenix
HSM 270

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Steps to Writing a Grant Proposal 2
Of the Grant Proposal, the first step is to request for a proposal, and develop a logic
model to outline the target population problems, goals, and corrective measures attempting to be
met. To receive a grant proposal for the Youth Symphony, there would first need to be an
abstract statement. This section of the proposal is the most important because it allows the
grantor to become personally connected to the situation and importance for a stable music
education for children. The statistics are important to include in the abstract, as well as the
problems, goals, and greater outcomes predictions.
The next step is to include a table of contents. The table of contents is an outline of your
grant proposal that shows all the information listed for quick reference. It should be easy to read
and clearly comprehensible.
Following should be a specific aims/background and significance/needs and problem
statement. For the Youth Symphony, the aim of the proposal would be based on the reason for
developing the programs, which would be to provide funding opportunities for young elementary
school aged children needing musical instruction. The aims need to explain the importance of
providing the young children with early music opportunity. The specific aim statement needs to
sound clear and to the point. For the Youth symphony, a good example would be,
“Understanding the importance of our children and future musicianship they may obtain, we
know that our funds are currently insufficient to instill early musical development. The programs
the children could do to receive funds would show a need for continued funds, and hopefully a
better environment for children since the benefits of music education include a greater success in
society, school, life, and also in developing intelligence.” The needs and problem statement is
explained by Coley and Scheinberg (1990) to provide a useful outline for the write-up of a needs
and problem statement is as simple as this, “The needs/problem statement examines what is

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Steps to Writing a Grant Proposal 3
happening that requires attention, attempts to explain why it is happening, and discusses what
currently is being done to address it” The Youth Symphony’s problems are that they don’t have
enough funding to provide elementary musical education to their children, and what programs or
activities they can participate in to receive more funds.
The next outline bullet covered is the target population. This section of the draft should
talk about the Youth Symphony and why they should be funded over other groups who are in
equal need of services. The descriptions should explain how the program would be beneficial to
the population and how urgent it is to get the funds.
The Approaches and Methods section spreads out all the proposed interventions that are
hoping to bring change to the issues. The section should include the goals, objectives, and
activities and timelines. Starting the section with a summary of the goals and plans is an easier
way to clearly see and understand the proposal. It should be written in a way as to gain support
and to bring help to the effected population
Long and short term goals for the youth symphony would need to both include short
term, reachable, and practical goals. These would be objectives. The objectives would be to
provide a program to students where they can express their individuality and have a program to
stay committed to. The goal overall would be to have prestigious young musicians with a steady
career and skills from early development.
The process, outcome, and impact objectives are to include the processes needed to take
place to reach the outcome desired: community involvement in the education of our young
children. It should include how we are going to try and gain support, and the outcomes of each
brainstormed situation. The objective of having funds and support for an elementary musical

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