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HSM 270 Week 4 DQ 2




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Due Date: Day 4 [Main] forum
Disnguish between a project-wide evaluaon plan and an objecve-oriented evaluaon plan. What are
the pros and cons of each type of evaluaon plan?
A project-wide evaluaon plan is an evaluaon that steps back and looks at the big picture. The
text gives a good example of students being tutored. When using a project-wide evaluaon, the
evaluators take a step back and look at the main goal of the program: To provide tutoring services. To
see if the main goal of the plan is being carried out, there can be quesonnaires and tests done to check
the intellectual level of the newly tutored students.
*Pros of this evaluaon are that it is direct, and to the point to see if the problem is being solved. The
evaluators only ask big picture quesons, but can ask as many as they want.
*Cons are that they overlook objecves and minor details.
An objecve-oriented evaluaon plan should focus on two areas: The accomplishments or process
evaluaon, and bene(ts to the people receiving service or outcome evaluaon. This evaluaon style
looks at each objecve, and asks the company if they were successful in meeng each goal and
The pros of having the project wide evaluaon is that it is evaluated from every angle, and if services
need to be changed, expanded, or deleted enrely, they can be.

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