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Phone App Development

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Running head: PHONE APP DEVELOPMENT Phone Application Development Name Institution 1 PHONE APP DEVELOPMENT 2 Phone Application Development Introduction Mobile application development is growing at a rapid pace. It is because of the shift in consumer preferences and the growing need to find efficient solutions to particular problems from different sectors, which include retail, telecommunications, business, government, healthcare, among other sectors. Mobile devices, currently, is an essential tool that enables people to connect to the internet. Mobile application development is the process which involves developing applications that can be used in mobile phones (Goyal, Bhatheja & Ahuja, 2016). It includes writing software for wireless and small computing devices. Just like web application development, mobile application development takes the concept of traditional software development, but the difference is that mobile software is written to accommodate features that are offered by the mobile device. However, mobile development is dependent on the platform. This paper is a discussion between android application development and iOS application development. Android Application Development versus iOS Application Development Android is currently owned by Google. At first, Android positioned as one of the platforms, which were budget friendly and more accessible than iOS. In 2009, there were versions which were released that could compete with iOS in all aspects receiving su ...
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