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Brooklyn Institute of Business Technology
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Running head: MARKETING ESSAY 1 Marketing Essay Name Institution Affiliation Date MARKETING ESSAY 2 Step 1: The product selected for this assignment is a chair. The chair selected is foldable and portable. Its weight is not more than one kilogram. Therefore, you can easily carry it with one hand. With this chair, you can sit anywhere anytime. It can also accommodate weight up to 300 pounds, and so you can hold your children or grandchildren while seated without worrying that it can break. Step 2: Product Selection A+Chair is the new product in town designed to serve your needs. A+Chair is a foldable and portable designed by our company. Aluminum is used to make the stands of the chair. Therefore, it cannot rust and can be used anywhere, including the beach. The canvas used is such that it can withstand all weather condition, sunny and rainy alike. The chair is foldable such that it fits in the palm of your hand. With a weight of less than one kilogram, you can comfortably carry it using your hand or put it in your bag, and you will not feel like you have additional weight. With the ability to support up to 300 pounds, you can comfortably sit in the chair with kids in your lap. The chair is designed with a button so that when you want to open, you only have to press the button and it opens. Closing the chair is also by pressing the button. The chair comes in various color which you, the customer want. This seat takes the least space possible, and it’s light so you can ...
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