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Personal Health Assessment Paper

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Running head: Six Dimensions of Health
Six Dimensions of Health
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Six Dimensions of Health 2
Health has become a formidable issue regarding the survivability of the American
people and with the new push of legislative health reform, the US federal
government has given us some affordable options (HHS, 2014). Healthy behavioral
changes is said to increase our awareness and perception of “living Well.”
Understanding the sources of “why” we make this decision helps us to formulate
corrective actions, plan for behavioral change preparations, and implement healthier
habits. However, to effectively accomplish such task, individuals must become aware
of their restrictive health habits and the knowledge to efficiently live healthier life
style. Although healthier options are available we must consider what is healthy for
ourselves, thus, information gathering is where it starts.
Strongest Dimensions
Although six dimensions of health are noted (Donatelle, 2010), three in which I
believe aids my behavioral choices include Spiritual Health, Social Health, and
Intellectual Health. Leading these three health dimensions is that of spiritual health
and having a family that practices religious guidance, Spiritual is deeply embedded
in my way of life. As a reasonable person whom learns from mistakes, I also believe
that Intellectual Health contributes aid in minimizing unwanted, undesired, and
unhealthy reoccurrences regarding healthy options. I also believe that fulfilling basic
human needs such as connections and relationships are important, thus,
incorporating Social Health increase theses beneficial healthy results. Although
implementing all six would greatly benefit anyone’s health, including myself, the
three mentioned health dimensions are my strongest attribute thus far.

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Six Dimensions of Health 3
Although reasons for incorporating certain healthily options will differ from
person-to-person, mine have been incorporated through parental guidance and life’s
altering perceptions. For example, Spiritual Health has given me the opportunity to
overcome things from within, which ultimately reflects on an outward appearance.
Networking and creating lasting trustworthy relationships is something that I have
been challenged with, thus, incorporating Social Health allows me to build self-
confidence, self-esteem, and has exposed me to new learnings and teaching. I
have always been somewhat of an intuitive individual that makes decision based on
previous experiences, thus, Intellectual Health keeps me safe from reoccurring
Becoming Healthier
Without a doubt that incorporating all six dimension of health would increase
individual overall function and perceptions, I have three dimensions more to
consider. Becoming knowledgeable about healthy options such as Physical health,
Emotional health, and Environmental health would create a stronger personality and
build healthier characteristics. Increasing and maintain body functions, gaining the
ability to express inner emotions, and adapting to environmental concerns would
create a stronger and healthier outlook outside of normality and repetitious daily
activities. Adding additional means of perceptions would increase my overall health
for more than just me.
Personal Choices to Improve your Health
Personal choice, habitual habits, and previous experience have greatly reduced

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