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Acme Inc Network Proposal

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Computer Science
Central Texas College
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Running Head: ACME Inc NETWORK PROPOSAL ACME Inc Network Proposal Student’s Name Institution Date 1 ACME Inc NETWORK PROPOSAL 2 ACME Inc Network Proposal A reliable and secure network is a common goal for any organization. The level of an organizations information in our current times is greatly depended on the existence of a network infrastructure with the capability of providing this as well as being efficient. Therefore, when coming up with a plan for a proposed network for the ACME Inc we must consider many factors ranging from the cost to set up the network to the client network requirements. The client needs and expectations guide us to develop a network that is secure and can provide the needed services with no hustle at all. When developing a network infrastructure for ACME based on office schematics provided it is important to look at all the details necessary for this network setup. Therefore, we look at all aspects of the network from equipment needed and their cost, timeline of installation of the equipment, the overall network topology and the basic network configuration. The ACME network will employ a hybrid type of topology that involves a star-bus network to ...
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