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Geology Research Paper

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Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College
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Running head: EARTHQUAKES Earthquakes Institutional Affiliation Name Date EARTHQUAKES 2 Summary Approximately 50,000 earthquakes are experienced on the earth on annual basis. Although not all these earthquakes cause massive devastations, they are large enough that they can be noticed without requiring measurement with an instrument. Statistics also indicates that approximately 100 of these annual earthquakes experienced have the potential of causing substantial damage if they occur near areas that are habited; however on average at least one major earthquake is experienced each year (Bolt, 2019). Earthquakes are intriguing as a result of their geological and human impact since they are responsible for massive destruction of property and the deaths of millions of people. Despite extensive research on earthquakes over the last 100 years, there has been no breakthrough on how to accurately predict their occurrences. This is because although there have been certain strides that have been made, reliable precursors have not been identified. Further the exact impact and nature of earthquakes is also unknown since a projected small earthquake has the potential of cascading to a massive event or even impacting people far away. Studies have also showed that there are areas which are more prone to earthquakes compared to others. Further they have shown that despite the huge interest in earthquakes and extensive research, not much advancement has taken place in the area of predictio ...
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