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Running Head: TERRORISM 1 Terrorism Name Institution Affiliation Date TERRORISM 2 Definitions of Terrorism There has been a lot of controversy in defining the term terrorism, and therefore, there has been no accepted universal definition of the phrase. One of the meanings that can be used is one that was adopted by the ministers of interior and Justice of Cairo in Egypt in 1998. It states that terrorism is considered a threat or a violent act, regardless of its purpose which occurs prior to a criminal agenda and finding to bring about panic among individuals bringing about fear by causing harm to them or putting their lives, security or liberty in danger (General Assembly, Sixth Committee, n. d.). The intention would also be to bring about environmental damage, damage to private or public property or installations, or jeopardizing national resources. A second definition is one by UN Security Council Resolution (2004), which states that terrorism is acts of criminal to include against civilians, done to bring about death or an injury that is serious to the body or taking people hostage. The purpose is that of provoking a state of terror to specific persons or a group of persons or in public in general, to intimidate a population or to push an international organization or government to do something or abstain from doing something (United Nations, 2004). A third definition by the United States under the Federal Criminal Code is that terrorism is activities that constitute ...
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