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Ecomap And Genogram Relationship

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Running head: ECOMAP AND GENOGRAM RELATIONSHIP Ecomap and Genogram Relationship Name Institution Date 1 ECOMAP AND GENOGRAM RELATIONSHIP 2 In science and sociology, genograms are commonly used to show the familial relationship and genetic inheritance. They are a graphical representation of a family that shows how individuals are related to each other (Kaakinen, et al., 2018). Through a genogram, one can be able to analyze the heredity and psychological factors which exist within a given family relationship. In medical practice and especially in nursing, genograms are used to identify the family history of a given individual to understand better how the family interconnections and relationship influence the current health status (Kaakinen, et al., 2018). Genograms can also be used to show the existing family support system, which is important in creating a healing environment. Depending on the existing relationships and support systems within a family, a health care profession can be able to recommend and promote the establishment of relationships and associations which promote health and healthy living (Fort, et al., 2015). An ecomap, on the other hand, is a diagram representation which shows the social and personal relationships which exist between an individual and the environment in which they live. Ecomaps helps to identify key relationships and systems which promote healthy wellbeing within a given family. In nursing, an ecomap can help a nurse determine if a given ...
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