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Evaluation Plan for a Specific Educational Program






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Educational Program:
The educational initiative for that the evaluation plan has been developed is a physics
program. Physics is an integral part of a science that comprise of different universal laws and
physical phenomena’s through that students become able to understand about everything
happening around in their daily lives and also enhance their horizon from practical point of
view (CDC-HKEAA Committee, 2003). It will help students to understand association
between science, technology, society and surroundings by researching on issues and problems
associated to physics innovations (CDC-HKEAA Committee, 2003).
Organizational Learning Scenario:
The organization consider physics subject as an elective for a curriculum of three year senior
secondary (CDC-HKEAA Committee, 2003). The basic aim of organization is to provide
broad knowledge to their students so that they can effectively operate in such a global and
technical society (CDC-HKEAA Committee, 2003). They provide an option to students to
elect two or three subjects from key learning areas (KLA) that are related to their concern and
aptitudes in addition to four main subjects like Chinese language, English language,
Mathematics and other liberal subjects (CDC-HKEAA Committee, 2003). The organization
also provides physical activities, moral education, experiences related to career and services
related to society (CDC-HKEAA Committee, 2003). The organization select physics subject
and setting guidelines that help students to continue higher education with specialization in a
particular subject and also adopt other disciplines that are related to skills of physics (CDC-
HKEAA Committee, 2003). The physics curriculum is developed by seeing the curriculum of
junior physics curriculum that provide a basics to students that help them to understand
concepts and principles of new physics curriculum where physics curriculum context is
established on real life facts that will become easy for students to learn (CDC-HKEAA
Committee, 2003). The organization has developed a curriculum framework and a detailed
plan about delivering knowledge to students of great diversity by providing them all available
resources that will helpful in their learning physics.
The final evaluation template is appropriate in a sense that it covers all essential detail
regarding evaluation of educator leadership role either the responsibilities provisioned to
teachers are fulfill effectively by them or not and able to work on their weak areas and also
helpful in analyzing their profile. It is appropriate in determining courses related to physics in
evaluation of teaching materials and also helpful in analyzing student needs in different ways.
The evaluation template is helpful in identifying available resources that assist students in
their learning and also supportive in attaining positive results related to students learning
through internal and external assessments. The template assist in evaluating other types of
data resources that can help in obtaining more positive results regarding student performance
evaluation. The final evaluation template is also suitable in finding organizational deficiencies
that can be solved through identified techniques presented in template. The evaluation
template is suitable in evaluation of educational program objective and associated learning
objectives to specific program. At last the evaluation criterion that has been presented in an
evaluation template will help in assessing deficiencies in a proposed curriculum that can be
amend for next sessions.
2005-09 Evaluation Plan for a Specific Educational Program

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Evaluation Plan for a Specific Educational Program
Program Name: Physics
Respond to the following questions regarding Educators Leadership role for
this program by writing tick ( ) in Yes or No portion: Yes
1. Did purpose of physics curriculum is cleared? (CDC-HKEAA Committee,
2. Did proper guidance is provisioned? (CDC-HKEAA Committee, 2003)
3. Did an environment of motivation and self directed learning is provisioned?
(CDC-HKEAA Committee, 2003)
4. Did innovation and learning techniques are adopted? (CDC-HKEAA
Committee, 2003)
5. Did ideas, information and experience shared in a classroom? (CDC-HKEAA
Committee, 2003)
6. Did the information is exchanged between teachers regarding new
curriculum development? (CDC-HKEAA Committee, 2003)
7. Did teachers contribute in seminars, training workshops and skill
improvement courses to enhance their teaching career? (CDC-HKEAA
Committee, 2003)
8. Did safety measures regarding practicals have been told? (CDC-HKEAA
Committee, 2003)
9. Did improvements have been taken in physics curriculum with passage of
time? (CDC-HKEAA Committee, 2003)
10. Did Curriculum development of specific educational program is aligned
with vision and aims? (CDC-HKEAA Committee, 2003)
11. Did the flexible time table is provided to successfully understand physics
with combined sciences (biology, chemistry)? (CDC-HKEAA Committee,
12. Did the laboratory staffs and equipments are adequate? (CDC-HKEAA
Committee, 2003)
13. Did information is exchanged between schools for further improvement in
curriculum? (CDC-HKEAA Committee, 2003)
Respond to the following questions
regarding Educator Leadership profile
by writing tick ( ) in specified option for
this program
Agree Uncertain Strongly
1. Did educators become helpful in
improving student learning? (OECD,
2. Did educators are successful in
achieving professionalism in their career?
(OECD, 2009)
3. Did educators construct effective
decisions regarding strategies of direction
setting? (OECD, 2009)
4. Did educators have skills to utilize data
effectively to improve their performance?
2005-09 Evaluation Plan for a Specific Educational Program

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(OECD, 2009)
5. Did educators become able to use
financial knowledge to bring balance
between resources and academic main
concerns? (OECD, 2009)
Respond to the following questions regarding Program commitment by
writing tick ( ) in Yes or No portion:
Yes No
1. Did supported courses are provided to students in better understanding of
physics program? (REGIS, 2013) if yes then specify courses:
Contents related to Chemistry and Biology courses in better
understanding of physics related issues.
2. Did the teaching material, practical knowledge, scientific exploration and
science projects provisioned to students to develop
Knowledge (CDC-HKEAA Committee, 2003)
Skills and creativity (CDC-HKEAA Committee, 2003)
Standards and manners (CDC-HKEAA Committee, 2003)
A habit of learning through different strategies (CDC-HKEAA
Committee, 2003)
3. Did the program have flexible time for learning? (CDC-HKEAA
Committee, 2003)
Respond to the following questions regarding organizational context by
writing tick ( ) in Yes or No portion:
Yes No
1. Are the teachers competent? (Caffarella, R.S, 2002)
2. Did the teachers have political knowledge? (Caffarella, R.S, 2002)
3. Did teachers possess ethical and moral values? (Caffarella, R.S, 2002)
Explain how in comment section
The teachers in libraries played a substantial role as an information specialist
in developing ethical behaviors regarding appropriate use of information
(CDC-HKEAA Committee, 2003). Whereas teachers convey information
regarding science, technology, culture and surroundings interconnection
issues in terms of political subject of nuclear power restriction (CDC-
HKEAA Committee, 2003).
Respond to the following questions regarding planning personal by
writing tick ( ) in Yes or No portion:
Yes No
1. Did the preferences, strength and requirements were analyzed of students?
(ELCC, 2009)
2. Did the students current level abilities are analyzed? (ELCC, 2009)
3. Did the teachers assess themselves as a student for needs of students?
(Caffarella, R.S, 2002) explain how
As students are diversified learners so it is not possible to anticipate same
kind of achievements from all students. In order to cope up this diversity
teacher need to know about their students and build bocks of learning and
manage them in a way that is easily within vicinity of students without
exceeding their competencies (CDC-HKEAA Committee, 2003).
Respond to the following questions regarding available resources by Yes No
2005-09 Evaluation Plan for a Specific Educational Program

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