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The Freedom in Jail
It was a strange morning in April. The small county that used to have parents in the
neighborhood and other corner shops along the distorted roads was filled with silence of whisper.
There were no people along those roads except an ambulance and a patrol car. On the other side
of the street was an empty except those villagers who were staring at the scene. James Abdul at
17 was cuffed by a police officer because he stabbed one of the bystanders in the neighborhood.
Danielle, the mother of Paul, came to rescue him.
“Please, don’t hurt him. He is just a kid.” She said.
“Stay away from him, ma’am!” The police officer spoke while holding her.
Danielle would want to make her force, but she could not make it. The grip of the police
officer was so tight that she could not even move a muscle.
“He is my son!” She begged. She cried. And she sobbed at the time while her eyes
staring at the ambulance leaving. She thought what happened but that she was numb and
subtle. Her eyes remained teary as she started making a move.
“Don’t Don’t take him, please.” She again begged for the second time. She
asked herself what to do, but at the back of her mind quite sadder that she could never
imagine. Her son could no longer be with him for a long, long time.
“No, ma’am. It would be easier for you if you stay calm.” The office ended while
he approached Paul in the patrol car.
The police patrol car went off. Paul Abdul was brought to the police station and
underwent a preliminary investigation. At first, he was nervous. He was too quiet to defend
himself from the office. He knew a bit about investigation, and he even knew that he had the
right to remain silent. Yes, partly he made it but when the police suddenly stood to go. Paul
began talking.
“Are you ready to tell something why you killed that victim?” The police started
interrogating, and he was decisive to ask questions one after another.
“His name is Ted, sir.”
“Okay, why did you kill, Ted?”
“He did quite enough for me to kill him. I had enough reasons to kill him, and that
is the only reason for me to have peace in life. I was overdrawn by his tease and I could
not hold it anymore.”
“What did he do to you?”

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That time Paul ended speechless. He was not able to say anything until such time he
realized every painful caricature Ted created to him. He was humiliated in front of the people, of
his classmates, and of his neighborhood. Every single day he usually had no time he could not
hear those tease. For ten years his eardrum burst out from that.
“Do I need to mention this to the sheriff?” His mind played upon wandering in the
middle of the questioning.
“Why did you kill him?” The police continued asking. James came back from his
musing. He was a bit disconnected and confused between telling the truth and lying for
the rest of his life while his voice began sharing statements.
“He teased me that I am a gay.” At last, he finally said it. He was able to mention
that word for quite a long time. He was surprised how he spoke of those words. James
finally conquered his greatest fear in life to tell that truth. After the interrogation, he
knew that he would pay the consequences of his actions and he was very aware of that. In
the back of his mind, Ted’s disappearance in the world would set him free.
Now that all neighbors knew what happened and who he was, he loved to know that even
in the cell prison he was happy. He escaped from the dungeons of isolation and scorn. This time
he never feared of rejection, of discrimination, and of his isolation. One thing for sure, Ted freed
him from bondage. He is now free to do whatever you want to do. He liked it. If he would be
confined physically in jail bars forever, he ought to like that over and over again. He would
rather be a prisoner physically than be locked up forever psychologically and emotionally.

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