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Acc 250 Time and Billing Ticket Week 7 Checkpoint






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Time and Billing Memo
ACC 250
Time and Billing Memo
Mahalo for your understanding in our new formats, as we roll out new and exciting
methods of lightening the burdens placed on our accounting team. To help ensure
each of you receive proper payment for each duty on each assignment we have
concluded the best method to do this is with the implantation of time tickets and
expense tickets. These tickets will ensure the proper billing of our clients.
Understanding this new system may seem confusing at first, we would like to explain
the focus and use of each type of ticket.
Time Ticket: The time ticket is much like a time punch for starting your day. If you are
performing a service or activity for the client you will need to enter your start and
finish time, including all breaks taken during that period. Services or activities may
include but are not limited to research, filing, coping, driving, consulting, or collating
Expense Ticket: The expense ticket is much like a bill or charge slip. If you are

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purchasing supplies or needed material only being used for the client, you will need
to submit a copy of the receipt, and the expense ticket form. This will include the
material/supply being purchased, and the reason or nature of use for the purchased
material or supplies. This will be used to better communicate the information to the
We again thank you for your help and understanding in helping our accounting team
in continuing to maintain the proper methods to bill for your hard and unwavering
work. Please contact your direct supervisor, the account department at ###-###-
##### extension ####, or the information desk at ###-###-#### extension ####.
Mahalo Nui,
Todd E. Hurst
Director of Accounting Procedures

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