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BUS 630 Week 3 Assignment Case 5A Glaser Health Products






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BUS 630 Week 3
Assignment Case 5A Glaser
Health Products
Managerial Accounting
Glaser Strategy is stated as, Glaser Health Products Services provides
a convenient single point of access for many customer support functions,
such as marketing, sales and automation”(Glaser Health Products,

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Form 10-K which states, We are pursuing a number of initiatives to
continue to enhance the Glaser Health Products customer experience,
including improving the capabilities of our sales professionals. For
instance, through our Glaser Health Products OneCall program, we
assign a single customer service agent to handle virtually all issues of a
customer’s account”(Glaser Health Products, 2005). Examples of
operational excellence by Glaser Health Products in the article they
state, “Glaser Health Products Express invented express distribution in
1973 and remains the industry leader, providing rapid, reliable, time-
definite delivery of packages, documents and freight to more than 220
countries and territories. Glaser Health Products Express offers time-
certain delivery within one to three business days, serving markets that
generate more than 90% of the world’s gross domestic product through
door-to-door, customs-cleared service, with a money-back guarantee.
Glaser Health Products Express’s unmatched air route authorities and
extensive transportation infrastructure, combined with its leading-edge
information technologies, make it the world’s largest express
transportation company (Glaser Health Products, 2005).
Evidence of product leadership customer value proposition is stated in
Glaser Health Products
statement that, “We believe that seamless information integration is
critical to obtain
business synergies from multiple operating units. For example, our Web
Glaser Health, provides a single point of contact for our
customers to access Glaser Health Products
Express, Glaser Health Products Ground and Glaser Health Products
Freight shipment tracking, customer service and invoicing information
and Glaser Health Products Kinko office and print services(Glaser
Health Products, 2005)”.
What are Glaser Health Products's four main business segments?
Provide two examples of
traceable fixed costs for each of Glaser Health Products\u2019s four
business segments. Provide two
examples of common costs that are not traceable to the four business

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