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Ethical Decisions Framework

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A1 Business and Technical College
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Running head: ETHICAL DECISIONS FRAMEWORK Ethical Decisions Framework Student’s Name Institution 1 ETHICAL DECISIONS FRAMEWORK 2 Ethical Decisions Framework Facts CPA firms generally engage in business continuity activities, where a larger firm will provide the personnel needed by a smaller firm whenever the latter experiences a crisis. Penny, practicing in her own firm, experiences an injury, and is unable to practice for about three months. Under continuity grounds, North, South, East, West, LLP., provides continuity services to Penny’s firm, with one of the partners at NSEW working at Penny’s at least one day a week. Hot-Hot-Hot, NSEW’s client, wants a bid prepared for various services, and also consults on purchase of another yoga studio in a different city, Urth, Vind, and Frrr. While at penny’s firm, a client calls and wishes to consult on expansion of his business, and is looking for advice regarding expansion of the investment. In particular, he mentions that he is looking to purchase either Hot-Hot-Hot or Urth, Vind, and Frrr The client is looking forward to feedback on the decision to purchase either one of the two companies. Ethical Issue The ethical issue presented in the case lies in the accountant’s involvement in the case, considering that he works with the companies that the client intends to sell. In particular, the request for guidance came as the accountant was involved in the continuity service with another accounting firm belonging to Pe ...
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Tags: ethics
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