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Are Cell Phones Dangerous?






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As much as there are many advantages of using cellphones, recent research proves that they these
gadgets have demerits too. The most common claims on dangers of using cell phones are such as
vulnerability to cancer, accidents during driving and ear impairment among other claims. Making
phone calls while driving is dangerous because it causes a distraction to the driver by taking their
attention away from their task of driving and this can cause accidents. Even though most
experimental research convincingly show that conversations on the phone while driving impair
driving performance and most of the reference done is through comparing normal driving without
making phone calls and using it when driving. The society believes that drinking alcohol while
driving is more dangerous than making phone calls, but this is not the case because they can all
cause death. It is believed that cell phones can cause cancer because it emits some radiofrequency
energy, which human body can absorb. This form of energy has the potential to ruin the health of
humans in many ways.the number of phone users in the modern world has increased drastically
in comparison to previous decades. Since the communication is important for running many
activities in modern organizations, it is almost impossible to operate without a phone. This fact
increases the chances of more people becoming affected by cell phones. The radiofrequency
affects the body since it’s ionizing radiation increases its risks of cancer. With the presence of
energy, ionization radiation and x-rays in cell phones, the risks cancer are greater. This energy
also affects the brain in many ways through increasing the rate of glucose metabolism in the head
of an individual using a cell phone. Another way in which the cell phone affects individuals is
through brain tumor, which is also contributed by the radiofrequency energy. Most of the research
on the possibility of getting cancer through cell phones claims that children are more vulnerable
because the nervous systems of children are not yet well developed and because their heads are
quite smaller, than the risks are higher to them. For the time being, the claims of cancer through
cell phones is not yet concluded because these claims are still undergoing deeper study. Current

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research has some data on the dangers of cell phones, but the data does not have a tangible
conclusion because some of the data on the study on children who have cancer does not concur
with this theory. The claim on cancer is not yet clear. Some of the solutions to curb the issue on
brain cancer and to reduce the exposure to radiofrequency is such as using hand-free phones, and
reducing the time in conversation through cell phones. Another possible option of solution can be
to have loosely defined conversations of varying levels of complexity. In conclusion, cell phones
are imperative in the modern world, in every activity that takes place both economic and social.
Cell phones have contributed a lot to the development of modern communication and through it
distance is no longer an issue because people can communicate from far distances without
worrying about the distance. The issue on cancer through cell phones is bound to be solved by
scientists because there are many other sources of radiofrequency energy besides cell phones in
the modern world. Issues of accidents when using cell phones, cancer through radio frequency
and other sources of health outcomes can be solved in the near future.

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